Celebrating 4th Anniversary

We've just flipped the calendar page to our anniversary date. This month marks our 4th year in the business. We are grateful to our clients who trusted in us to help them provide immaculate services. Their demands, challenges and feedbacks have pushed us to go ahead and improve vigorously. Our success story remains incomplete without the support of our clients. We wish to keep our business and relation growing and continue to provide nothing less than the best.


  • The birth of a company


    In October, 2011, Surekha Technologies was founded with a vision of providing best offerings in portal development and with Motto "Caring for Client's success".

    Going Global


    Surekha Technologies quickly expands its operations and project portfolio worldwide in countries like USA, France, Germany and Australia to serve clients better.

  • First application on Liferay Marketplace


    With experience and expertise in Liferay development, Surekha Technologies publishes its first application on Liferay marketplace and takes a first step towards contributing to Liferay community.

    Odoo Practice Starts


    With the goal to provide effective consulting services in ERP platforms, Surekha Technologies starts professional practice for Odoo, widely used open source ERP platform.

  • Company Picnics and Celebrations


    Surekha Technologies follows work-life balance culture and organizes successful trips with the entire team to Udaipur, India and to the nearby famous resort.

    25+ employee


    With challenging career opportunities and exposure to wide technology stack at Surekha Technologies, team of Surekha Technologies quickly grows to 25+ professionals.

  • Website Relaunch


    Surekha Technologies relaunches its website with complete makeover and revamped logo to provide visitors an opportunity to get insights about Surekha Technologies' services and solutions better.

    Carrom Tournament


    This year, Surekha Technologies organizes Carrom Tournament with exciting prizes for all the team members to build camaraderie and connections.

  • Opens New Office


    Surekha Technologies opens new office as second operating office in Ahmedabad, India with the determination of expanding its presence and reach in portal and ERP solution providers.

    4th Anniversary Celebration


    Surekha Technologies celebrates completion of 4 successful years with 50+ happy clients and 100+ implementations. In this 4 years, Surekha Technologies has gained reputation with eminent goodwill.

Our Team

  • Gaurav Shah

    Gaurav Shah


  • Riken Bhorania

    Riken Bhorania

    Odoo Practice Head

  • Hiren Parmar

    Hiren Parmar

    HR & Admin

  • Laxman Rana

    Laxman Rana

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Kushal Darji

    Kushal Darji

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Nimesh Sabhaya

    Nimesh Sabhaya

    Software Engineer

  • Jinal Patel

    Jinal Patel

    Software Engineer

  • Purvesh Kothari

    Purvesh Kothari

    Software Engineer

  • Bhavin Panchani

    Bhavin Panchani

    Software Engineer

  • Bhargav Pavra

    Bhargav Pavra

    Software Engineer

  • Pratik Solanki

    Pratik Solanki

    Software Engineer

  • Devendra Patel

    Devendra Patel

    Software Engineer

  • Atith Patel

    Atith Patel

    Software Engineer

  • Jasmita Parmar

    Jasmita Parmar

    Software Engineer

  • Chandrika Baraiya

    Chandrika Baraiya

    Software Engineer

  • Chirag Patel

    Chirag Patel

    Software Engineer

  • Nisarg Pujara

    Nisarg Pujara

    Software Engineer

  • Sandeep Joshi

    Sandeep Joshi

    Software Engineer

  • Girish Rajput

    Girish Rajput

    UI/UX Developer

  • Sanket Patel

    Sanket Patel

    Software Engineer

  • Abulkasim Kazi

    Abulkasim Kazi

    Jr. Software Engineer

  • Chandni Patel

    Chandni Patel

    Jr. Software Engineer

  • Saurang Suthar

    Saurang Suthar

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Pranav Ayar

    Pranav Ayar

    Jr. Software Engineer

  • Sahil Vaghela

    Sahil Vaghela

    Office Administrator

Success Stories

Logistic Portal

Logistic Portal

Logistic Portal has mainly two modules which are web platform and mobile application. Project is used to simplify process of delivery of goods. Project maintains information from good arrived in to the customer's doorsteps. Project gives time crucial informations like today's delivery, deliveries of week, deliveries of current month. Project also takes care of customer satisfaction by taking their rating and hand-written signature from mobile application.

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Waste Management System

Waste Management System

A million dollar reputed company wanted seamless business process using Odoo to manage their entire business to replace six different systems. Needed to develop a Odoo based ERP which must be efficient to manage large number of users, user friendly and complete solution as the single product.

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Education Meetup

Education Meetup

Education MeetUp is a portal developed on Liferay to bring all the members of School including Teachers, Parents and Students together. Ultimate goal of this project was to create a generalize platform that can be implemented for any school. There are numerous functionalities implemented which can be useful to the Students, Parents and Teachers.

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