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Liferay Is A Complete Business Solution For Clinical Trial Industry

Liferay Is A Complete Business Solution For Clinical Trial Industry
The revolution of the healthcare industry is evolving in the current scenario to its highest peak so management of data is becoming a major problem for healthcare industries and to protect the important data of the patients. Many healthcare and clinical trial industries store all the data manually via managing in paper form but, do that data safe enough?
Many challenges are facing by the healthcare and clinical trial industry so what is the common solution to all the challenges but first, let us discuss the challenges.

Security and privacy of data 

Data security and privacy maintenance is the main concern for the healthcare and clinical trial industry. Numerous healthcare industries are slow in responding to the threats that allow the attackers to take advantage.

Big Data storage

Managing the data of patients and record is very hard to maintain and searching the data for patients can take so much time. 

Slow adoption of new technologies

The process of adoption of new technologies in the healthcare industry is quite slow and that's the reason why the healthcare industry is lacking in the digital world.

Patients experience 

Patients are more likely to be reliable on getting satisfactory experience from the hospital side but it becomes hard to collect the data of the patients and check the satisfaction level of the patients. 

What is Liferay? 

Liferay is a leading open-source use for portal development, with a large number of customers across the globe and serves multiple industries. We assist in providing Liferay clinical trial solutions that help our clients in developing their businesses. It provides all the important features such as:- 

Features that Liferay provides

  • Customization 
  • Single page application 
  • APIs for integration 
  • Design and theme editor 
  • Content management 
  • SEO configuration 
  • App builder 
  • Application security 
  • Page building

Liferay as a solution 

Liferay is the best solution for healthcare and clinical trial industries that boost your digital transformation presence in the digital world. Liferay offers features that help the healthcare industry in resolving major challenges that are facing in the current scenario and strengthen the service quality that they offer in the market.
In the digital era of today's world, the healthcare industries should have to go for the latest technology to enhance the digital experience and Liferay is a great solution that provides all the assistance and support to the user. The development of clinical trial portal using Liferay will resolve several problems such as

Complete business solution

Liferay DXP delivers a steady digital experience and offers various solutions for website, portal, and expansion of the business. It is easily integrated with different technologies to provide user-friendly solutions to the business. 

Flexible Architecture

Liferay is a flexible architecture and easy integration with applications that deliver an extensive digital experience platform for the user.

Easy Content Management

The website content management system is easy to use so non-technical users can easily operate it without having technical knowledge.

Higher Performance

Get seamless connection speed among the backend and frontend by optimizing your website. Easily load heavy data and resources that give faster performance and accuracy.

Third-party Integration

We merge the website with your HL7 integration with EHR/EMR, Hospital PMS, billing, and other systems

User Management Solution For Healthcare and clinical trial

Patient Engagement

Strengthen your patient engagement by providing rapid, effective, and extensive healthcare services. Integrating reliable data that helps in understanding a patient's needs and approaching them by giving personalized services.

Effective Operations

Evaluating the operational efficiency throughout the organization with active workflow management. Easily monitor hospital hygiene management, patient record management, asset management, temperature monitoring, and many more.

Care Management

Easily manage your services’ standards facilitating remote appointments and retaining existing patience to acquire new ones.

Safety And Security Management

We provide services that reduce the chances of hacking or stealing the patient’s private record and give advanced security. Complete safety and security of patient healthcare data.


Implementing Liferay for the healthcare industry can help to transform digitally and assist them to provide the best services to the patients. Liferay is the best clinical trial management solution and we are Liferay experts, our experienced team will help you in implementing Liferay as a complete business solution.
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