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Video Conferencing Inside Liferay

In the past few years, we have seen businesses operating via video conferences or meetings. Also, many big tech companies are holding a good stack for them like Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Slack to name a few.

Liferay is a widespread web portal used by many enterprises. It is a great platform for collaboration but lacks one key need of today’s time. Currently, it doesn’t provide to host video meetings.

Recently, one of our clients needed to have frequent meetings with their customers. It was a tedious process for them to schedule meetings via different tools like skype or hangout. The customer was looking for a cheap solution and did not want to spend too much on new development or customization. We took up the challenge and developed a solution for handling meetings right from Liferay Portal. Now the client is happy with the fact that they don’t need to rely on other services and its convenient and cost-effective solution for them as well.

Liferay is a very great open-source Java-based application server. But its missing piece is video conferencing. We helped our client by integrating an open-source video conferencing solution into Liferay.

“Trusted Video Conferencing via Liferay”
Requirements :
  • Liferay 7 onwards.
  • Jitsi Meet Server
Architecture :

The architecture involved is described below.

Features :
  1. Create/Join Meetings.
  2. Manage members for meeting.
  3. Schedule meetings
  4. Meeting Room
  5. Manage existing Meeting
  6. Security and Privacy
1. Create/Join Meetings.

Liferay Video Conferencing Portlet Allows users to easily create the meeting. People with proper access rights can create meetings. Each meeting creation is provided with a unique code for joining the meetings.

People can join the meeting with the generated Room ID.As in the image below you can see we have options for the creation and joining for the meeting.


2. Manage members for a meeting.

Video Conference Portlet leverages it to add site members to join the meeting.

The host of the meeting can invite site members to the meeting. The host can also add or remove participants. Once a meeting has been created, can also add or remove participants later when required.



3. Schedule meetings.

It is the most common scenario that we want to schedule meetings at some later time in the future. Video conferencing app allows to easily schedule meetings with the picker controller.

You can also edit the timing for the meeting. Everything is easy and convenient.

4. Meeting Room

This feature allows us to use all the functionality we want for our general meeting purposes.

For each new meeting a new Meeting Room is generated. A unique Room id is assigned to the meeting room. Participants can join the meeting room via unique Room ID.

Participants of the meeting can handle audio/ video calling. They can also chat with other participants in ongoing meetings.

Screen sharing can also be done right from the meeting window. Raise hand feature is also provided.

5. Manage existing Meeting

The host of the meeting can also manage existing meetings with ease. There are features to edit the meeting . We can also remove the meeting.

6. Security and Privacy

Along with the features, data security is always a concern for any organization. Organizations using the Video conferencing Portlet have full control over the conferencing server we are using. That's cool right.

We care for the user's privacy. We manage authentication in a way that only participants of the meeting are allowed to access the meeting room.

If you need a video conferencing solution that is easily configurable in your Liferay portal and wants to have control over your data, It is the right choice for you.

To get the demo, you can contact us.

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