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Why should you use Liferay for B2B eCommerce


Since the pandemic struck worldwide, a lot of businesses had no other option but to go online. Setting up an ecommerce platform was suddenly no longer optional. If businesses needed to survive, they had to sell online or risk shutting down. Everybody scrambled to set up online shops and enable ecommerce on their existing websites. 


But before all of this happened, some companies were already doing great things in ecommerce. One such company is Liferay.Liferay is an open source and free enterprise portal used mainly to enable corporate extranet and intranet. And so it makes sense that they focus on the B2B market rather than trying to lure both B2B and B2C customers. Sometimes,Liferay is also described as a web application framework or content management framework. Enterprises can even add custom plugins and extensions in Liferay for a more robust and individualistic experience. So why is Liferay a great solution for an enterprise eCommerce?


Well, let the experts do the talking here. You can see Liferay has a great reputation of being an established player in the space, all the features you could ever imagine for an ecommerce platform and amazing integration with third party services, should you need them. But let's look through a few salient features which do stand out here.


  1. Catalog and Product Browsing

Whatever you can think of for displaying your products in the absolute best manner, Whether it be comparisons, recommendations, also bought categories, user behaviour based product recommendations, content based recommendations, product trials, elastic search & much more. It's all in there. An absolutely amazing feature packed product and catalog browsing experience is provided to you via the LIferay Commerce platform.


  1. Product Content Management

Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes descriptions & content go a long way at making sure the purchase decisions of the prospective buyers become easier. There is a huge list of options available at your disposal right from specifying product types to upload attachments, enabling previews & samples, having different product views options, product availability and options, categories, order quantities, SKU generation options to even option templates. You will be able to customize & utilize options to your heart’s content.


  1. Order Management

As has been the case so far with catalog and product browsing and product content management, the order management options can be a handful on its own. Options like order dashboard, order information, account orders, buyer workflows, payment history, email notifications, order forecasts, OMS integrations and much more is all here. Order management has never been easier and more streamlined ever for an ecommerce platform than what Liferay platform provides.


  1. Payments and Tax Management

Well, you get the gist so far. Don’t you? Exchange rates, ECB Integrations, Measurement units, tax rates, tax categories, you are in for a treat. Everything that you can imagine & would need for a multinational ecommerce store. Right there for you, easily accessible, neatly laid out and ready to help you.


  1. Sales Rep Support

A very important part of the customer’s journey on the site is the sales and then continued support once the customer goes ahead with the sale. There can be various functions assigned to sales and service reps to edit the orders, provide support regarding them and take all kinds of actions on an order. Besides you can have a loyalty system in place, real time dashboards for each customer account & even sales network management according to the organizational structure.


And that's not all. Site and Content Management, Account and User Management, Checkout, Shipping, everything that could be considered a part of an ecommerce package is all in there. Not to mention they keep adding more features as it's an open source platform and they work tirelessly to make user life easier. 


There is much more that we have not even scratched the surface of here. We can go on and on with more features which make it a breeze to have your ecommerce website setup, running and maintaining on Liferay platform as we specialize in Liferay Portal Development & Liferay consulting services. The reason for choosing Liferay platform for ecommerce is not just that it does everything you could humanely imagine with a huge laundry list of options available for your store, but that it even does them all better. 

So if you are convinced that you should have an ecommerce setup with Liferay and your next question is where do I find a liferay development company? Look no further, get in touch with us. We have some of the best Liferay developers waiting to help you out with all your ecommerce needs or any other Liferay deployments.

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