Front-End is the part of the web, where we experience the elements by visualizing and interacting with them. It enables users to have the expected interface and experience. It mainly comprises two segments – the design and the output of interactive elements. Our core team of JavaScript framework developers is responsible for making apps with Architecture methodologies to engage user experience using front-end technologies, enable faster development of UI, Real-time Programming & secured coding tactics, Frameworks providing effective website development by their fruitful methods and elegant designs, etc.


Get real-time applications that could run on multiple devices with Node.JS to ensure your business growth. With Node one can achieve rapid development with cost-effectiveness. Our expert NodeJS developers make sure, that the product they make, is just the way you wish, while including all the functionalities, you want.


Angular is a typescript-based open-source JavaScript platform used to create powerful and dynamic internet apps. With Angular, we can achieve faster loading, one-page application with simple MVC patterns.

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React is an open-source JavaScript framework. Some of the advantages of using React in your project are it is blazing fast, easier to test, SEO friendly, and efficient code debugging.

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Ember is an MVC-style JavaScript framework that makes it a unique front-end framework designed to help you build websites with rich and complex user interactions.

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VueJS is used for rapid single page app development with rich UI. We use Vue's progressive framework, simplified declarative rendering and lightweight API library to perform this function efficiently. VueJS help for building user interfaces and single-page applications.


NextJS is a full-stack JavaScript Framework, useful for rapid cross- platform application development and prototyping of real-time web apps. NextJS enable functionality such as server-side rendering and generating static websites for React based web applications.


Express is a free open-source back-end framework for Node. Through Express we can develop easily configurable and customizable app. It has various middle-ware modules for additional tasks on request and response with efficient routing and faster server side development.


Gatsby is a React based open-source platform with great accessibilty, compatibility, scalability, and security. The build and deploy is much more faster for modules with Gatsby JavaScript framework. GatsbyJS is a static site generator that help developers build performant websites and apps.

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WhyChoose us?

Looking for a development partner for your JavaScript implementation and development needs? Want to expand your JavaScript Framework development team's skill sets with cutting-edge technical expertise? Here's how we can help you;

  • App Prototyping and POC delivery: Convert your ideas into prototypes and Proof-of-Concept to create a Minimal Viable Product.
  • Planning & Creative Designs: We first build up effective application flow with a roadmap and deliver ample design adhering to user's requirements for organizing and visually appealing information.
  • Full-Stack Development Capability: We are a one-stop-shop with all-around technical abilities in the area of Angular, React, and Ember JavaScript frameworks with standard coding practices, secured single-page apps, custom JS plugins development, E-Commerce app development, completely automated and interactive multi-page app, etc.
  • Support and Maintenance: 24x7 support and maintenance services with annual maintenance contracts and customized support solutions.
  • QA & DevOps Support: Get high-quality application performance with a dedicated QA team. We have numerous methods to publish web applications and follow the suitable approach for the application to end up on a successful broadcast.


Establishing a relationship with Surekha Technologies is the best way to get a headstart on taking care of your development needs. Over the years, we have worked with clients in multiple countries, including & not limited to the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy & India. We have the flexibility to adjust to your design and development processes while delivering quality work in a timely manner.