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Adobe AEM vs. Liferay DXP- A DXP for Customer Experience Transformation

Adobe AEM vs. Liferay DXP


Content management and customer experience transformation have become inseparable parts for businesses to deliver personalized content and offer satisfied experiences to customers.

Even though various enterprise portals are available for business solutions, most organizations are confused about choosing the right platform. After all, Enterprise System Implementation should benefit businesses and improve ROI on technology spending.
Here, we have compared Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP). AEM vs. DXP shoulder-to-shoulder comparison is based on features, functionalities, and industry-specific solutions. After referring to the comparison below, you can choose the most adequate enterprise portal solution for your business.
Moreover, it is notable here that none of these platforms offer in-built features and functionalities. So, why don’t we just partner up and solve your business challenges together? Sounds pretty simplified to you, isn’t it?

Adobe AEM vs. Liferay DXP

Adobe defines an AEM as; 
AEM is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms. AEM makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets. 
Whereas Liferay defines the DXP as;
The DXP is an emerging category of enterprise software seeking to meet the needs of companies undergoing digital transformation.

Adobe AEM vs. Liferay DXP- Features comparison


Features  AEM  Liferay DXP 
Content Management System (CMS)  Yes  Yes 
Digital Asset Management (DAM)  Yes  Yes 
Platform & Infrastructure  Yes  Yes 
Free Trial  No  Yes 
Freemium/Free Version  No  Yes 
Premium Consulting/Integration Services  No  Yes 
Secured & Privacy-Protected  Yes  Yes 
Customization  Yes  Yes 
Personalized User Experience  Yes  Yes 
Analytics  Yes  Yes 
Dashboards  Yes  Yes 
Reports  Yes  Yes 
Marketing & Advertising Tools  Yes  Yes 
SEO Tools  Yes  Yes 
Supported On Windows/Mac/Linux  No  Yes 
Online Support  Yes  Yes 
Contact/Live Support  No  Yes 
Training Webinars/In-Person/Online  No  Yes 
No/Low-Code Development  Yes  Yes 
Portal  No  Yes 
Wiki  No  Yes 
Calendar  No  Yes 
Cloud  Yes  Yes 
Documents Sharing  No  Yes 


AEM vs. DXP- Which platform benefits my business? 

AEM and DXP are enterprise portal platforms that offer a range of benefits for businesses. Nevertheless, choosing the best enterprise software for your business purely depends on specific needs and digital transformation goals. 
AEM is a perfect blend of CMS and DAM that allows you to create, manage, and deliver content across multiple channels. AEM development services are best for businesses that need to create and manage digital presence across websites, apps, and social media. 
Liferay DXP, on the other hand, is a comprehensive platform with multiple features and functionalities to manage the entire customer experience. Liferay portal development services are ideal for businesses that want to create a seamless, personalized customer experience across multiple touchpoints and channels.  
Let’s evaluate both platforms considering industries, your business goals, needs, and technical capabilities before choosing the right enterprise portal for your business.
Liferay DXP Solution for Businesses

Liferay DXP is best for the following businesses- 

  • Ideal for banking and financial services providers. Liferay portal development offers financial services solutions for clients, advisors, and employees.
  • Liferay allows healthcare businesses to meet digital transformation demands by providing customizable and scalable solutions for patients and providers.
  • Liferay DXP provides portal solutions, such as B2B trade, dealer & supplier portal, self-service customer portal, and integrated ERP, PIM, and CRM platforms for manufacturing companies. 
  • With DXP, telecom businesses can meet expectations, improve accessibility, drive customer engagement, and take advantage of customer insights.  
  • Liferay can be a suitable portal solution for hospitality and travel businesses. It offers multiple features, including onboarding, CommercePaymentMethod, optimized search, SSO booking services, and more. 
  • Liferay offers digital solutions for agents, staff, and policyholders. Insurance companies can set up a customer-centric value chain for their modern-era businesses. 


AEM is best for the following businesses- 

  • With AEM, media & publishing companies can create, manage, and deliver personalized content and customer experience to their users. Also, DAM presents a seamless experience across websites and social media. 
  • With unified data, dynamic content, and AI features, retail companies can manage numerous product pages and digital assets across multiple websites and channels. 
  • AEM believes the learning experience doesn’t start on campus but online. Educational institutions can transform their business digitally by managing digital courses for students and faculty across multiple channels. 
  • AEM allows government agencies to deliver digital experiences and services, increase citizen engagement, and build trust through personalized content.
  • Non-profit organizations that need to create and manage digital content for fundraising and outreach across multiple channels can leverage the features of Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Real estate companies can use AEM to provide property listings and information effectively. Businesses can offer digital experience across multiple websites, apps, and channels.
  • Professional services providers can consult, architect, implement, and adopt AEM to create and deliver personalized content and services to clients. 



Businesses should consider their specific needs and digital transformation goals while choosing the right enterprise portal platform. Both AEM and DXP offer a range of features and functionalities to manage content and deliver a personalized customer experience.


However, we suggest Liferay DXP over AEM for enterprise system implementation and Customer Experience Transformation, as it offers add-on features and comprehensive solutions. We are an enterprise system development company and can deliver extensive solutions to your business needs. Please contact us to learn more about our innovative digital transformation solutions. 

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