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Each latest version of Odoo ERP introduces a wealth of advanced features and functionalities that can transform your business operations. However, the complexities involved in migrating from legacy Odoo versions or other ERP platforms like SAP, NetSuite, or QuickBooks can create high-risk for your business.

Our team of Odoo migration experts possesses the expertise and experience to handle your business data and documents with utmost care which offering Odoo Data Migration Services. Whether you're migrating from other platforms, an older Odoo version or looking for a server migration without changing Odoo versions, we ensure smooth transition to the latest Odoo version.


We firmly believe that upgrading or migrating to the latest version of Odoo can help your business in any industry to streamline business critical operations and drive efficiency. The aim of this overall approach of Odoo migration is to enable your business to operate at peak performance, maximizing the value of your Odoo return on investment.

Whether you're considering migration from SAP, QuickBooks, or Microsoft solutions, we're your trusted partner for a smooth and successful Odoo migration journey. We further enhance your ROI by providing comprehensive Odoo upgrade services, ensuring you get the latest features and functionalities for continued growth and success.

Odoo Module MigrationOdoo Module Migration+

Odoo Module Migration

Odoo module migration is the process of transferring custom modules from any platform or older Odoo versions to the latest version, let's say Odoo 13 to Odoo 17. It involves migrating module code, data, and configurations to ensure compatibility with the latest features and advancements.

By performing Odoo migration for modules, your organization can unlock multiple business benefits, such as improved efficiency, reduced risk of data loss, enhanced compatibility with the latest features, and streamlined development and maintenance processes.

Odoo Apps Migration Odoo Apps Migration +

Odoo Apps Migration

Odoo offers a vast array of apps tailored to specific business needs and challenges. Odoo application migration is the process of transferring your entire Odoo business suite, including third-party integrations and custom-developed apps, to the latest version.

Odoo Apps Migration is an essential step for businesses seeking to upgrade to the latest version or switch servers. Migrating your Odoo apps not only enhances security measures but also boosts the overall performance of your ERP system.

Odoo Database Migration Odoo Database Migration +

Odoo Database Migration

When Odoo releases its latest version, some existing data might not be compatible with the updated features. To ensure compatibility and access to the latest advancements, Odoo data migration is essential. This process involves transferring data from an older Odoo version or even other platforms to the latest Odoo version.

By simplifying critical processes and eliminating the need to maintain multiple versions, Odoo data migration reduces overall costs. This results in improved efficiency, enhanced security, and a more cost-effective Odoo experience for your business.

Upgrade to latest Odoo version Upgrade to latest Odoo version+

Upgrade to latest Odoo version

Upgrading to the latest Odoo version is updating your apps and configurations to the most recent release of the Odoo software. It involves installing the latest updates and making any necessary changes to your data.

It benefits your business in improving productivity, making better decisions, enhancing user experience, boosting scalability, and driving efficiency with the advanced features and functionalities.

Migration Testing Migration Testing +

Migration Testing

To safeguard data integrity, validate functionality, resolve performance issues, and ensure user acceptance, we conduct rigorous Odoo migration testing, enhancing your experience and optimizing the performance of your Odoo ERP system.

Our thorough Odoo migration testing process involves evaluating all aspects of the migrated Odoo system to guarantee seamless compatibility, strong functionality, and uncompromising data integrity.

Community to Enterprise Migration Community to Enterprise Migration +

Community to Enterprise Migration

Since Odoo is an open-source platform, you can use multiple applications and features for free for a lifetime. However, with increasing business size and operational complexities, many functions and capabilities are not covered under the free version.

Odoo Enterprise is the premium version where you can get access to advanced features and functionalities for streamlining your business operations and driving operational efficiency. We offer flawless Odoo migration and up-gradation services, where we migrate your entire business from Odoo Community to Odoo Enterprise version.


We have been providing ERP solutions based on Odoo since 2014 to a worldwide customer base. As an Odoo Development Company, our services include Odoo implementation/setup, custom feature development and customization.

Odoo Development

Odoo Development

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Odoo Consulting

Odoo consulting

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Odoo Customization and development

Odoo Customization

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Odoo Integration migration / upgrade

Odoo Integration

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Odoo website Design migration / upgrade

Odoo Website Design

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Hire Odoo Developer migration / upgrade

Hire Odoo Developer

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Global Clinical Research Organisation: Employee Engagement Portal

The goal was to create a common intranet platform for employees to share knowledge about their work, company values, and culture in order to minimize the gap between employees in different hierarchies. We prepared a roadmap and budgetary and architectural proposal for a Liferay DXP-based solution in coordination with the client's business team.

Key Features

  • UI/UX design for an intranet portal aligned to the company's design guidelines
  • Easy content publishing and reviewing process
  • Configurable Liferay DXP themes
  • Custom and configurable site and page templates
  • SAML

Corporate And Intranet Portals For A Govt Authentication Service Provider

Our client is a semi-government entity that handles government authentication services for one of the countries in the African region. We developed the platform within 2 weeks as per the client's requirement. It included robust search functionality for site content and documents and the ability to create pages for various departments easily.

Key Features

  • SSO
  • Optimized search with autocomplete suggestions
  • Inline content editing
  • Localization
  • Dynamic color configurations
  • Liferay is highly available and scalable with Kubernetes

Community Election Portal With Liferay

The client needs an election portal for community members to schedule board positions in a fairway. The portal should be able to handle different time zones. We create a User-Friendly UI/UX with the lexicon, clay, and react components and implement an admin user control to manage all the phases of the election process.

Key Features

  • Captcha verification, authentication, and role-based access control
  • Online election functionality with multiple timezone support
  • Workflow
  • It is highly available and scalable for high user volume

Ticket booking and Event Management System for Museum

The client, an agency handling multiple IT-related projects for a national museum, was looking for a quick and user-friendly solution for managing museum events. We prepared a roadmap, budget planning, and architectural proposal solution based on the Enterprise Edition.

Key Features

  • Event tickets printing from Point of Sale session
  • Manage ticket validation for accessing the museum through gatery

ERP Setup for Textile Industry

One of the largest designer garment-textile producers and suppliers in Europe, with a large customer base that includes leading European fashion labels, garment makers, style bureaus, and home decoration brands. After coordination with the client, the Surekha Technologies engineers' team developed a platform that could manage all business operations, saving over 50% on infrastructure and IT team costs.

Key Features

  • AWS S3 integration
  • Shipment tracking
  • Automatic data backup

Shipment Tracker Web and Mobile App

One client is one of the largest logistics companies in Russia and wants to develop a mobile app to track shipment activities that support both real-time and offline tracking for remote areas. We have developed a hybrid mobile application on Cordova that works on both Android and iOS.

Key Features

  • Quick and intuitive UI
  • The Admin dashboard that summarizes the shipment
  • Shipment and tracking

Social Networking portal for Alumni of International School

Our 60-year-old international client with a presence in more than 20 countries was searching for social media and collaboration platforms to connect their alumni members who were spread across the world. The alumni of international schools can keep in touch with old classmates and friends through our social networking portal.

Key Features

  • SPA application with React JS on top of Django framework
  • Elasticsearch integration for faster search and filtering
  • Geo-location-based search with an interactive AMP for users at the city level
  • Infrastructure setup on AWS with CI/CD