How Liferay HelpsB2B Sellers

Effortless Purchasing Increases Customer Loyalty

A flawless digital buying experience is one of the most efficient strategies to ensure future business. Boost your customer acquisition and retention via prioritizing your consumers' purchasing experience.

Boost Ecommerce Adoption for Higher Returns

Higher-order rates, increased order frequency, and enhanced customer retention are all benefits of a modern eCommerce experience. Increase your customer loyalty by increasing customer satisfaction and lowering your selling expenses.

Empower your customers while reducing your service costs

Make sure your consumers don't have to wait for emails or phone calls to be answered. Customers will be able to manage their accounts and handle problems autonomously with the use of self-service tools, which results in increased customer satisfaction and lower cost-to-serve.

B2B CommerceCapabilities

Site and Content Management

Manage content and create consistent, engaging brand experiences, scale your commerce business with different websites and channels.

Shopping Experience

Enhance customer shopping experience and sell more with product browsing tools that helps customers to find what they are looking for and discover new products.

Order Management

Integrate easily with back-end systems such as ERP or CRM to improve ordering workflows and provide friction-less purchase experiences that increase recurring income and lower cost-to-serve.

Self Service Account Management

Increase customer satisfaction with account and knowledge management systems that put the client in charge. Customers are happy when they can acquire knowledge and solve problems on their own.

Sales and Service Rep Support

Using customized user roles, dashboards, and automated processes, empower your sales and support teams to sell more efficiently and build stronger customer connections.

Integrations and Connectors

Provide real-time and accurate data during the ordering process. Connect all of your data sources to build an efficient digital ecosystem.

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