Real-time data analysis that helps you in making strategic decisions.


Easily manage engineering changes and versions.


Plan routine maintenance and respond immediately to problems.


Create effective checkpoints and quality alerts with ease.

Manufacturing IndustriesNeed a Modern Solution

  • No more time clocking

    Accurate planning is based on measurements of actual production processes.

  • All-in-one SOLUTION

    MRP, Quality, Maintenance, and PLM are all completely integrated.

  • Real-Time Communication

    Worksheets and quality alerts are displayed to employees during the  operations.

  • Shop floor automation

    Using the API, you can capture data from your equipment in real time.

Optimize Inventory Management

  • To automate procurement, use make-to-order rules, minimum stock rules, or the master production schedule. Allow the scheduler to handle everything to maximize inventory levels and eliminate shortages, use routes, limitations, and lead time.


  • Whether you use lots, serial numbers, or unidentified items, barcodes can help you save time at every stage of the process:
    • Reception control
    • Picking
    • Packing
    • Work orders

Control Quality Alerts

  • Odoo's simple kanban UI will help you to manage your quality alerts with ease. Just drag and drop alerts to report and utilize visual indicators to focus on crucial alerts.
  • Create rules to automate alerts or actions by using tags to categorize quality notifications. Filter by address (design, supplier, process), and other criteria.

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All you needin a single software

Easy + Powerful = Valuable

  • Engineering

    • PLM
    • Bill of Materials
    • Versioning
  • Manufacturing Engineering

    • Routings
    • Worksheets
  • Manufacturing

    • Planning
    • Control Panel
    • Work orders
  • Supply Chain

    • MPS
    • Routes
    • Procurement Rules
  • Quality

    • Control Points
    • Checks (SPC)
    • Alerts
  • Maintenance

    • Equipment Management
    • Maintenance Requests