Headless development involves detaching the backend from the frontend, allowing the backend to serve APIs while site rendering and frontend development occur on contemporary frameworks like ReactJS.

Surekha Technologies stands as a prominent multi-platform enterprise. Our expertise spans across various well-known e-commerce platforms, including Liferay Commerce and Odoo.

Furthermore, we extend our capabilities to encompass headless commerce development across a variety of front-end frameworks.

Liferay Headless CMS

Liferay Headless Commerce

Craft seamless experiences tailored for multichannel ecommerce. Embrace full headless architecture using Liferay, or opt for a hybrid, decoupled approach to facilitate collaborative efforts across functions.

Odoo CMS

Odoo Commerce

Odoo based Headless Commerce Development using frameworks like Angularjs, Reactjs Nextjs, Gatsby with integration of features like multi-vendor, marketplace booking & reservations etc.

Benefits of a Headless Commerce

Everybody is a Winner

Provide both developers and marketers with a cohesive authoring interface and developer experience that collaborate seamlessly.



Provide impactful experiences across a spectrum of platforms, ranging from mobile applications to intelligent vending machines.

Product development

Increased Speed

When integrated with frameworks such as Angularjs, Reactjs,Gatsby, Next.js and mobile app a store constructed using a headless architecture can achieve a loading speed of under three seconds, regardless of the product volume.

Product testing

Seamless Integrations

Headless commerce platforms effortlessly integrate with the familiar and cherished tools in your repertoire, spanning from analytics and product information managers to various checkout alternatives.

Product support

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WhyChoose us?


  • Tailored to Your Needs: The decoupled architecture within a headless eCommerce provides ample space for personalization. Leveraging diverse front-end frameworks, we assist you in achieving the exact level of customization you desire, resulting in a distinctive ecommerce solution.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Our operational approach thrives on increased customer engagement, enabling us to align perfectly with their needs. Our processes are meticulously designed to fulfill customer objectives in the most optimal manner, ensuring a delightful service experience.
  • Robust Security Measures: We help customers implement an array of robust security measures to safeguard your website or web application against cyber threats. Through the integration of various tools and features, our development team ensures a secure web solution.


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Establishing a relationship with Surekha Technologies is the best way to get a headstart on taking care of your development needs. Over the years, we have worked with clients in multiple countries, including & not limited to the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy & India. We have the flexibility to adjust to your design and development processes while delivering quality work in a timely manner.


Headless commerce represents a development strategy that separates the frontend of an ecommerce store from its backend. This empowers developers to construct bespoke, robust stores, granting them authority over both the visual aesthetics and operational features of their online shop.
Conventional e-commerce platforms typically adopt a monolithic architecture, offering a comprehensive, all-inclusive solution. In contrast, headless commerce functions autonomously, allowing for customization, and embraces an omnichannel approach.
No, transitioning to headless commerce doesn't necessarily mandate a complete website overhaul. The necessity for such a transformation depends on your e-commerce store's requirements and the current framework of your website. In some cases, you could transition to a headless approach without undergoing significant alterations. However, if your website is built on outdated technology, particularly if it's older, beginning anew might be a more logical course of action to fully harness the potential of headless commerce's capabilities.