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Despite the continual rise in the number of online consumers, most Ecommerce businesses struggle to grow within the online marketplace.

Beyond the issues of personalized customer experience and search engine visibility; businesses are facing emerging challenges of inventory inaccuracies, order processing delays, limited automation, and silos of information, due to fragmented e-Commerce and ERP channels.



Responsive Design


Store & Product Management

Self-Service Account Management


Inventory Management


Customer Management


Shipping Integration


Payment Gateways


Workflow Automation


Completely Customizable


Pricing, Discount Coupons, & Gift Cards


Real-Time Updates


Delivery Tracker


Multilingual and Currency Support




Easy Checkout


Order return management


Advanced Analytics & Reporting


Sales & Marketing Tools


Helpdesk Support


Integration Capabilities



Offer Seamless User Experience

Offer Seamless User Experience

Online shoppers often encounter critical challenges while making a purchase, such as complex website navigation, inefficient search functionalities, and slow-loading pages.

With intuitive website design, enhanced search capabilities, and customization functionalities, our e-commerce solution lets you effortlessly overcome these obstacles to transform the customer experience.

Personalization & Recommendation Functionalities

Personalization & Recommendation Functionalities

Customer engagement and satisfaction suffer when they encounter generic experiences, which lead to missed opportunities.

Our e-commerce ERP solution addresses these challenges by analyzing user behavior and preferences, customizing the shopping journey for each customer, and strategically implementing upselling and cross-selling techniques.

Streamlined Workflows for Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline Workflows for Enhanced Efficiency

Without effective back-office ERP, Ecommerce websites and businesses often struggle with inefficient processes, data inconsistency, and generic customer experiences.

Our ERP-integrated Ecommerce solution transforms business operations by streamlining workflows, automating order and inventory management, and centralizing product and store control to drive operational efficiency.



Access to real-time data is critical for making informed decisions and commonly used Ecommerce platforms often lack comprehensive analytics capabilities.

With Ecommerce-ERP integration solutions, businesses can track advanced data and insights. It empowers Ecommerce enterprises to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), identify sales trends, and tailor marketing strategies for improved results.

Target your ideal audience

Target your ideal audience

E-commerce businesses often face hurdles in engaging with their target audience due to lower search engine rankings and the lack of analytics and reporting tools.

Our solution ensures SEO optimization, mobile-friendly layouts, and advanced statistics while seamlessly integrating Google Analytics accounts. It empowers businesses to engage with potential customers and understand customer behavior.



/user/month billed annually


  • Ecommerce setup


/user/month billed annually


Standard Plan Included

  • Studio
  • Multi-company
  • External API


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ERP setup for Textile Industry

Before using Odoo, Client's team used to manage their day-to-day business processes like managing stocks, processing orders and invoices using traditional spreadsheets. Integration with a custom PHP web application that manages product portfolio.

Key Features

  • Configured Sales and Purchase channel for various business scenarios
  • Inventory management & Subcontracting
  • Report redesign and customization for Sales, Purchases and Invoices
  • Incentive/Commission configuration for salespersons

ERP Solution for Linen Manufacturer

One of our clients was looking for an effective solution for their business process like managing pricing options for customers, manual calculation of discount and margin for orders and invoices. Provided solution for requirements by this product.

Key Features

  • Make compatible Sales and Purchase with business process and flows
  • Inventory Management with proper inventory valuation
  • Manage state wise tax calculation & Redesigning of website login page
  • Manage discount, margin concept for customer and vendors using pricelist

CRM Solution for Thermal Insulation Provider

One of our clients is looking for a solution to manage digital marketing and advertising, sales management, order processing, and customer engagement on the platform. So we have provided a solution to manage client requirements by this product.

Key Features

  • Marketing, CRM, Sales management and Website sale management.
  • Content Management: Website, Forum, Blog, Website CRM.
  • Product search feature & Order Processing
  • Login integration for social sites like: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Odoo Migration from v7 to v9

Over a period of time Odoo is evolving and releasing new versions with new features. So one of our clients is looking for a migration. We have provided Odoo migration solutions to multiple clients starting from Odoo v7 to the latest version.

Key Features

  • Data Cleaning that can easily track irrelevant information
  • Ensure the correctness of data.
  • Field Mapping that maps the old data fields to the new data fields
  • Integrity check, after the whole data migration process is completed.

ERP Solution for Waste Collection

Client used six different softwares to manage waste collection process which covers integration of weighing machine, waste collection from various centers with respective team, etc. This product increases mobility and accessibility of the system easily.

Key Features

  • Weighing machine integration with Odoo to weigh waste collected
  • Weigh from different collection points.
  • Deploying and supporting end-to-end implementation.
  • Mobile application to increase mobility and accessibility of the system

Ecommerce Setup for Engineering Industry

Ecommerce website built with Open ERP, helps to manage product views with interactive UI, blog publishing and manage contact information using third party (Google map) integration with current website.

Key Features

  • Easy accessibility of product using list and grid view
  • Product filtering based on categories & variants
  • Google map integration
  • Website blog management

Client Testimonials

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