Ecommerce is a fast-growing business but management of an eCommerce platform is quite difficult in terms of data management and providing a great digital experience to the users. Merging your eCommerce platform with ERP will be beneficial for handling business activities such as product management, Inventory control, marketing activities, payment gateway, and many more.

ERP supports inbuilt application modules that give efficiency in handling business operations. We help eCommerce businesses in providing ERP solutions with their eCommerce platform.

Ecommerce platformwith ERP solutions

An Odoo eCommerce solution is fully integrated with business apps such as sales activities, operations, shipping tracking, CRM, accounting, etc. The combination of an eCommerce platform with ERP solutions will benefit the business and our expert developers will assist you in setting up your eCommerce platform with ERP.

Product Management
  • Configure products

    A configurable product permits the consumer to settle on choices from the drop-down and multiple choices.

  • Product Categorisation

    Placement and organization of products into several classes.

  • Bulk Product Import/Export

    The product import-export plugin allows you to import or export simple products.

  • Product Reviews

    Product reviews are customers' comments on a product.

  • Multiple Pictures

    This module implements the possibility to have multiple images for a product template.

Inventory Management
  • Product demand forecasting

    Proper demand forecasting gives businesses valuable information about their potential in their current market.

  • Stock On Hand / Stock Availability

    The total amount of any given item that you currently have in your warehouse.

  • Supply chain extension

    Management of the flow of goods from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery.

  • Inventory Reports

    The inventory report is a summary of the amount of inventory.

  • Purchase Management Extension

    It allows better visibility of the product deliveries.

Sales and Marketing Management
  • Sales Reports

    It will give you an overview of your sales activities within a company.

  • Product Ratings

    You can display the total number of reviews for the product.

  • Coupons & Promo Codes

    Use coupons and promo codes for marketing purposes to engage with customers.

  • Customizable Email

    You can prepare custom email templates for customers to promote new products and offers.

  • Product Comparisons

    Users can easily compare the products to select as per the need of the customers.

Customer Management
  • Cart Abandonment Tracking

    Products that were added to the shopping cart but never make it through the transaction.

  • Persistent Cart

    The cart keeps track of unpurchased items left in the cart and saves information for the next visit.

  • Customer Portal

    A portal user has only read/view access that can be given to the customers.

  • Buy Without Signup

    Customers can easily order products without signing up.

  • Customer Contact Form

    Manage your customer information and details easily in the CRM.

Shipping Integration
  • Custom Shipping Rules

    Set customized shipping charges for shipping carriers based on conditions.

  • Flat Rate Shipping

    Flat Rate Shipping is the price define as per your need.

  • Free Shipping

    You can set up free shipping on the purchase of the product by your customers.

  • Weight Based Shipping

    Shipping price based on weight, price, and volume of the shipment.

Payment gateway
  • Payment Gateway

    Customers can use credit or debit cards to purchase the products.

  • Recurring Payments

    Automatically deducts payment for the product each month from the customer's bank account.

  • PayPal Integration

    Integration of PayPal in ecommerce website for payment acceptance.

  • Multi-currency

    Receive bills and payments in any currency around the world.

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WhyEcommerce with ERP?

  • Management of every task using a single solution The management of an eCommerce website with ERP gives the effective result and enhance productivity. The user can easily manage the whole business using a single application.
  • Provides a great shopping experience to the user Customers can search for products easily by setting attributes on products (Size, color, category, etc.) with tracking of real-time visitor information and secure your sales. Tracking orders with advanced shopping rules and shoppers can add products to the wishlist.
  • Integration of Apps and tools with e-commerce Easy integration of CRM, accounting, manufacturing, inventory, and marketing tools with your eCommerce platform that enhances the customer experience and generates revenues with cross-selling, upselling, coupon codes, abandoned carts, and that boost sales.
  • Various Payment Gateway options It allows different payment integration for easy transactions and also provides secure gateway options for the customers.
  • 24/7 support and maintenance system 24x7 support and maintenance services with annual maintenance contracts and customized support solutions.


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An ecommerce ERP integration solution can help you take online sales to the next level without increasing your employee workload.
The integration of eCommerce ERP integration increases efficiency and productivity in an organization and provides vital data like customer records, inventory, items, shipping, purchase orders, and so on. It also provides real-time information and enables the easy tracking of orders, shipping, customers, and shipments.
ERP software is the management software used to manage all core eCommerce business processes and makes it possible to optimize business processes.