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Benefits of Choosing Liferay as a Portal Development for B2B

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Digital transformation is playing an important role in the current scenario and the up-gradation of services allows the user to get a better digital experience. In today's world, there are many service providers available regarding website and portal development.
Many companies out there get confused about which frameworks provide the best services and how that framework will help their B2B commerce to manage all their activities. In the digital world, companies are now focusing more on portal development, app development, cloud data management, and improving the digital experience of the user.

What is Liferay?

Liferay is one platform with infinite solutions and an open-source company that delivers free documentation and paid services to users. It comes with a central platform where the user can publish and manage web content with customized dashboard functions.
Liferay is an evolving technology in the digital era and it provides the best portal development solutions to the organization it comes with many features that can help build and manage all business-related activities. 
Managing your B2B eCommerce portal becomes easier with Liferay Commerce and you can customize your website as per your requirements. The user can optimize the page content, and product layout, generate sales reports, and many more. 

Versions of Liferay 

These are the two versions that Liferay offers to its users the Liferay community edition is free for all but the Liferay enterprise edition is the paid version of Liferay. 
  • Community Edition (CE)

The Liferay community edition is a standard version (Free version) that is mostly used by small businesses/enterprises and in this version, all users can easily access source code to customize applications as they want. 
  • Enterprise Edition (EE)

Liferay enterprise edition is a paid version that provides an enterprise license to the users and offers additional features with full-service support. Enterprise edition maximizes the digital experience of the application and provides the best user encounter to the technology. In the Enterprise edition, Liferay provides customization services that allow the user to freely customize the website as per his requirement.
Now let's talk about the new features that Liferay permits to its users and how this feature is going to enhance the productivity of your business to give optimized results.

Personalized experiences

This function will allow the user to track specific customer activities such as signup date, access time, device type, and IP range. This data can be used in understanding the needs and wants of the customers and as per that you can push possibilities like sales, cross-selling, upselling, and discount-related offers, and notify the user of pending products in the cart.

Power up digital strategy                                    

Liferay DXP allows the user to sell the products across the globe with a unique proposition selling technique and that requires a marketing team. You can gain customer data that can help sales and marketing teams to achieve sales targets

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Liferay provides inbuilt marketing tools that can optimize search results in search engines. Tacking keywords becomes easier as well as it gives open graph support, redirection management, and many more features that are very helpful for marketing teams. 

Content intelligence

Manage your website content effectively with Liferay 7.3, with analytical tools that also give you recommendations to the user and how to optimize the content of the page.

User Management

In this feature, the user section of the control panel is divided into five different sections: Sites, Users, Apps, Configuration, and System. The main function of the user's section is to create, and manage, user groups, roles, and password policies. 

Roles and Permissions

Users can create teams and assign regular roles, site roles, and organizational roles. Site administrators can only create the team within a specific site. 

Business operations

The business operations can be managed by any non-technical person and it does not require any technical knowledge to operate it. 
The app builder is another feature that saves so much time in building an application because this feature allows the user to low-code application development solutions with customization features. 

Master Pages

The master page allows the user to drag-and-drop templates to create page content as they want and customization of page content functions is also available. DXP common page elements are site headers, footers, and left/right rails. 

Publications Management

Easily track and manage the published content across the sites, it can be shared with multiple authors and editors so you will get the best content that gives you the best result. 


The Liferay is the best choice for a B2B platform it comes with all the important features that are a must for businesses and it provides full customer support services. Liferay development company can assist you in providing Liferay services that can be useful and handling business activities becomes easier.
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