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Best Full-Stack Solution for Your Business to Get a Remarkable Result

best full-stack solution
Many companies are sometimes stuck when it comes to developing an application for their website and they get confused about which stack development will be suitable for them to get the best result as keeping the project requirement as a top priority for the business.
The development of the application is an important part of every company and it requires a lot of investment plus time. Businesses always go for the best solution but sometimes it is hard for them to make decisions when technologies are almost quite similar to each other.
There are various technologies available that allow the user to create an application such as MEAN and MERN. The only difference between these two technologies is one has Angular Js another has React. This is the reason why companies got confused in selecting one technology that fits the business needs. 

MEAN Stack Development 

MEAN stack is a contraction that includes MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js technologies, these technologies are used to develop websites, hybrid mobile apps, and web apps. All these technologies are part of MEAN stack development, thus it is also known as Full-stack in JavaScript. MEAN is an open-source and free JavaScript application that enables the user to use a single language for client-side and server-side execution environments.
MEAN stack development services are beneficial for those businesses with less investment and want effective results that boost up the business growth. 

Mean Stack Components


  • MongoDB - MongoDB is a document database that stores all the data. 
  • ExpressJS - It helps the user to create efficient web apps in a short period.
  • AngularJS - It is a front-end framework that runs the code (Complete framework).
  • NodeJS - Backend web application.

Benefits of Using MEAN


  • MEAN is cost-effective and startups/SMEs can easily use this stack. 
  • It allows the user to easily switch between client and server. 
  • Create a real-time web application.
  • Easy for developers to transfer a code written in one language to another. 
  • Inbuilt testing tools.
  • Users can host applications on the cloud for testing. 
  • MVC makes sure that the application runs smoothly and if some features breakdowns so it automatically notifies the developer.

MERN Stack Development 


MERN stack is another association of technologies like MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. It encompasses the entire software development cycle from backend to frontend and the only thing the developers require is having good knowledge of JS and JSON to operate MERN.


MERN Stack Components


  • MongoDB - It stores data in a binary format that gives a faster exchange of data between client and server.
  • ExpressJS - It is a JavaScript-based framework that is designed to make secure and fast applications. 
  • React - React JS is an open-source JavaScript library that offers code reusability on multiple platforms.
  • NodeJS - It runs JavaScript code outside the browser.

Benefits of Using MERN


  • The use of JavaScript for both the client-side and server-side makes coding easy and fast.
  • React provides many library tools to create applications and use library functions as you prefer. 
  • MERN stack comes with in-built exclusive testing tools.
  • It is an open-source and free technology that can be used by anyone but it requires skilled in JavaScript and JSON.
  • The code of reacting can be used on both browsers and servers.
  • Good community support.
  • Easily create a single-page web application.


Which Full-stack will fit your business needs more effectively


The only difference between MEAN and MERN is the switch in technologies from Angular to React. Both technologies are almost the same and full-stack development cycle from back-end development to front-end development by using JavaScript. Angular is a complete framework that gives faster and smooth performance while operating. however, on the other hand, ReactJS allows code development on an expeditious scale. 


Now, let's see how MEAN and MERN are beneficial for companies to get advantages in selecting the right stack keeping in mind the requirements of the projects.

1. Size of the project
The large size of the project requires ex-data storage capacity to store data so MERN is the perfect choice; it allows data-binding that provides superior data overview and users can manage large projects easily. If the project size is medium or small then MEAN is the best choice.


2. Error Prevention

If the project might look like having chances of many errors then MEAN stack is the best solution and it eliminates as well as prevents the chances of errors.


3. Productivity

In the case of productivity, the MEAN stack serves better than React JS. React JS is a library but AngularJS is a complete framework and it also enhances productivity by making the code easy to upgrade. MERN stack web development provides higher efficiency than MEAN and angular come with a command-line interface that boosts performance and productivity.


4. User experience 

If the project requires to give a better and smooth user experience in the mobile application then MERN is a great choice. React allows reusability of code that can be used in making Mobile applications for both android and iOS at the same time with minor changes in the code.


5. UI Rendering

AngularJS supports an MVC framework that helps in managing and upgrading the code and it renders with a well-ordered framework that gives users smooth UI rendering.


Choosing the best option helps the business project to grow more effectively and both MEAN and MERN are the best technology stack. Surekha Technologies is a web app development company that provides complete solutions and consulting services that can help the business to choose the best technology stack to get effective results. 
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