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Getting Started With Liferay Commerce 2.0

Liferay commerce


Liferay Commerce is an open source digital commerce platform written in Java. It is a digital commerce platform built from the ground up to work with Liferay portal, making it easy to leverage a fully integrated content management system and best-in-breed portal capabilities in commerce websites. Liferay designed it for commerce projects that are very large or complex. It can support millions of products in challenging B2B industries.

Key Feature

  • Catalog Management
  • Pricing and Discounts
  • Payments and Tax Management
  • Checkout
  • Shipping
  • Order Management
Catalog Management

The Liferay commerce catalog is the heart of any e-commerce online site, adding and organizing its core content. It lists the products that the store provides, and stores the information and relations necessary to organize and display them.

The catalog tracks not only what items are for sale, but it also has inventory levels, product variants, and category assignments. It also organizes product files, such as images and user manuals, and contains pricing information.

Catalog Management in Liferay Commerce 2.0

Pricing and Discounts

Liferay commerce features contract pricing to individual customers or accounts with price lists. A price list contains a list of products with alternate prices from what’s stored in the catalog. The prices stored in the list are only available to members of the specified user segment. It Supports subscription-based products with recurring payments.

Pricing and Discounts to Individual Customers in Liferay Commerce

A discount applies a modifier to the product’s base price. It can be an absolute number or a percentage and can be applied to a limited number of products or the entire catalog. It can be available to all buyers or a defined user segment, or to a more narrowly defined group of customers that meet certain qualifications. Unlike a price list, a discount always reduces the base price. It supports custom coupon codes.

Apply Discount to Reduce Base Price

Payments and Tax Management

Liferay commerce support for multiple tax categories for products, set tax rates by address or fixed rate and also manage measurement units for global stores. It offers two payment methods: money order and purchase order that do not require the services of a third-party payment provider. It is Integrated with out of the box services like PayPal for payment, European Central Bank for automatic updates to Exchange Rates.

Payment and Tax Management in Liferay Commerce 2.0



The purchase process is handled by a commerce checkout widget and without any further configuration, the checkout widget features a four-step process: users are prompted to enter a shipping address; a billing address; an order summary with order total, product image, product amounts, etc; finally an order confirmation with a customized confirmation message. When you configure shipping methods and payment methods, additional steps are added automatically to the checkout portlet’s process, prompting users to select one of each. It also allows customer service representatives to add private notes to orders.

Checkout Process in Liferay Commerce 2.0


Liferay commerce features shipment methods, carriers, tracking numbers, warehouses, Pull inventory based on warehouse closest to the customer or based on other customized rules, Manage inventory within it or connect to an external system and choose which inventory engine to use on a product level. It offers a variable rate or flat rate shipping. It supports display shipping date and expected date for the customers.

Shipping Method in Liferay Commerce 2.0

Order Management

Liferay Commerce offers customers; a simple dashboard for open, pending and completed orders with full search and filtering capabilities and automatic order forecasts based on historical data to help customers manage capital and inventory. It features alert customers via email as the status of their order changes, with customizable notification templates.

Order Management in Liferay Commerce 2.0


It allows business buyers to see all the orders on their accounts. It displays important order information such as date, payment method, and shipping status. It integrates workflows and approval processes for companies with purchasing tiers. It integrates with external order management systems and pull in external order statuses and share with the customer in a consolidated view for seamless customer experience.

What's new in Liferay Commerce 2.0 ?

Better B2B Customer Experiences:- It includes all the latest features of Liferay DXP, including personalization, advanced segmentation and experience management. Deliver effortless B2B experiences that help your buyers to grow their business. It can be also Integrated with Liferay DXP 7.2. It supports catalogs that are shared across multiple sites.

Applied Machine Learning:- It applies machine learning to help customers find the right product by recommending related products based on specifications and categorizations, the product that a customer is currently viewing and what other customers who are similar to them also bought. It offers admin to keep track of the health of each account with smart alerts and receive suggestions based on items that customers often buy together.

Empower Sales and Service Reps:- It offers, store admin to see exactly what each customer sees from their account, pricing to their unique product recommendations and they can take action on their behalf by creating, editing or troubleshooting orders, contextualized dashboards to view key performance indicator (KPI) and real-time insights for each account, such as order forecasting down to the product level.

Flexible Data Integration:- It offers a pre-built mulesoft connector to integrate with other applications and exchange data, It provides the flexibility of a headless platform so that companies can connect with emerging technologies and new channels.

Getting Start with Liferay Commerce

Step 1: Here you can download liferay commerce https://www.liferay.com/downloads-community

Download Liferay Commerce 2.0


Step 2: Start Liferay Portal CE 7.1 GA4 and Liferay commerce 2.0.0 Bundle

Start Liferay Portal


Step 3: Go to Control Panel ? Sites ? Sites then Click the Add button and select an Accelerator such as Minium. Enter a name for your store and click Submit.

Checkout Process in Liferay Commerce 2.0


Step 4: Here is your Storefront

Catalog Widget in Liferay Commerce 2.0

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