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iPhone X new features

iPhone X features for the Developers  

Let’s look at the features apple focused on the iPhone X :

Face ID integration on the iPhone.

iPhone X  features an all Screen Super display for an immersive experience and Face ID. You can now unlock your phone without touching your phone.


Apple uses facial recognition for creating the Face ID for you. You can unlock your IOS device and also can use with Apple pay just like Touch ID.


Apple claims to have 20x security as compared to Touch ID. Face ID relies heavily on the face detection, which internally stores the 3D model of the person.


With this feature and ARKit, iOS developers can take huge advantage of the True depth camera to create the games with phenomenal experiences.


Apple has also introduced the Vision framework, by which developer can easily apply computer vision techniques to identify images and facial recognition kind of functions.

A11 Bionic chip with Neural Engine.

ARKit, which is an augmented reality framework for Apple devices to create a great AR experience on iOS.


A11 Bionic chip now introduced for iPhone X, which contains six-core CPU design. A11 Bionic also integrates with GPU with three core design that delivers faster graphic performance.


Neural Engine can perform 600 billion operations per second. This amount is aimed for machine learning algorithms on a fast pace.

Moving towards wireless

Apple earlier launched the AirPod. Which was a huge step toward going wireless.


iPhone X comes with the wireless charger. So we can conclude that Apple is clear about their focus on going wireless for their every product.


Apple announced wireless debugging feature on Xcode 9 and iOS 11 at WWDC 17. With this feature, developers can now debug their application on a device without connecting to the development machine to run it. Isn’t that great!

Machine learning at the core of iPhone X.

Since more things are getting automated, machine learning is now an essential part of the business to get predictive results.

Apple did a great job by providing the CORE ML framework, which provides the natural language processing having the lower memory requirement making it a mobile first ML framework in the mobile development market.


Since A11Bionic chip has been developed with the Machine learning integrated into the core by providing extensive power to CPU and GPU.


iPhone X comes with a “True depth Camera” which contains dot projector to create a 3D Map of your face. Along with that Neural engine learns the change in your face. So it's capable to recognize your face even with glasses on. Cool right!!.


We can expect to some drastic changes in the near future for all mobile app platforms. As an iOS developer, it's great future ahead to start building this app with the Augment reality and Machine Learning.


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