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JSON RPC call with Odoo Web Controller

Web Controller provides facility to integrate Odoo Front-end like websites and related Modules with Odoo Backend (Sales, Purchase, CRM, HR etc).


Web controller contains two types of requests as parameter :

  1. HTTP

  2. JSON


We can create Web Controller using any of the above request types. To know more about HTTP Web Controller in detail please visit : http://www.surekhatech.com/blog/web-controller-in-odoo-v9


Here I am going to explain how to create a JSON controller in Odoo 9. JSON controller basically uses JSON format data which is passed/retrieved with the server. We can also restructure this data in our desired format before passing to the webpage. Here are the complete steps to implement a JSON controller with Odoo.


Step 1: Add script.js file as per below module structure. We will be writing front end code for JSON Web Controller in this file.


|?? Module

|   |? controller

|   |    |? __init__.py

|   |    |?main.py

|   |? static

|   |    |? src

|   |    |   |? js

|   |    |   |   |? script.js

|   |? view

|   |    |?template.xml

|   |? data

|   |    |?data.xml

|   |? __openerp__.py

|   |? __init__.py


Step 2: Add below content in script.js file which would send JSON data to the python code :


# Define Ajax variable

var ajax = require('web.ajax');

# Json rpc call

ajax.jsonRpc("/some_url", 'call', {

                           'input_data' : $('#input).val(),


# if data is received from python(odoo backend)


.then(function (data) {

         var output_data = data[‘output_data’]  #Output from controller in form of data dictionary




Step 3: Add one method in the controller (main.py) which could handle the Ajax request from Web Controller. This method would also return the output data in JSON format.


#---------Data processing and fetch output data-----

   @http.route(['/somo_url'], type='json', auth="user", website=True)

   def input_data_processing(self, **kw):

       cr, context, pool, uid = request.cr, request.context, request.registry, request.uid


       #Fetch input json data sent from js

       input_data = kw.get('input_data')

       # Your code is here

       return {

               'output_data' : output_data


Or  return True             # In case if we don’t want to return data


Note: Type must be ‘json’ as parameters of the controller.


Step 4: Load script.js file in template.xml file. Refer below code for the same.


<template id="inherit_assets_frontend" name="web_example assets"  inherit_id="website.assets_frontend">

               <xpath expr="script[last()]" position="after">

                         <script type="text/javascript" src="/module_name/static/src/js/script.js"/>




That’s all folks. You can use above code to implement JSON Web Controller in Odoo.

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