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Best Laravel Development Tools to Build Dynamic Web Apps

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Did you know that almost 2 million websites are built with Laravel? No wonder it's one of the most popular and reliable PHP frameworks for developers considering agility, flexibility, extensive features, cost-efficiency, and exceptional performance.


However, with nearly 1,400 packages and tools available for Laravel development and choosing the best Laravel development tools poses a significant challenge for developers.


This comprehensive guide will assist you in selecting the top Laravel development tools for robust and dynamic web application development.

Benefits of Laravel Framework

Known for its extensive features, exceptional performance, robust security, cost-efficiency, and developer-friendly tools, Laravel enables developers to build secure, scalable, and easily maintainable web applications.


Benefits of using Laravel


  • Open-Source: Free to use, manage, and modify.
  • Quick Development: The framework's intuitive syntax and pre-built features accelerate web application development speed.
  • Security & Protection: Built-in security measures in the framework protect against common vulnerabilities.
  • Scalable Architecture: It effortlessly manages growing traffic and complexity.
  • Flexible Ecosystem: It offers thousands of tools and packages tailored to your specific needs.
  • Cost-Effective: Its open-source nature reduces additional development costs.

Best Laravel Development Tools

1. PhpStorm


PhpStorm is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) editor developed by a software company, JetBrains. It offers intelligent code completion, testing, debugging, and refactoring that help developers to manage programming on a single interface.

Features of PhpStorm

  1. Intelligent coding assistance: It offers features like smart context-aware suggestion, code completion, error checks, quick fixes, and automated refactoring to improve your code quality.
  2. Advanced debugging & testing: It offers a suite of robust debugging and testing, including breakpoints, variable inspection, code stepping, and call stacks.
  3. Integrated version control: It integrates with version control systems such as Git, GitHub, SVN, and Mercurial that simplify smooth collaboration and code management.

Benefits of PhpStorm 

  1. Improved code quality: The built-in features like error checking, quick fixes, and refactoring tools help you code better, reduce bugs, and make it easier to maintain.
  2. Increased productivity: The intelligent coding assistance and advanced tools help you write code faster and efficiently, which ultimately enhances your productivity.
  3. Enhanced collaboration: Version control promotes better teamwork by allowing developers to track changes, share codes, and resolve bugs.

2. Laravel Debugbar


Debugging is analyzing the software code, identifying the root cause of the error, and resolving it in your web app development. Laravel Debugbar, developed by Barry vd. Heuvel, one of the best Laravel development tools to choose from multiple available tools for debugging, providing you real-time insight into application performance and debugging capabilities.


  1. Real-time data: It offers real-time insights into the application's performance, such as database queries, execution time, and memory usage.
  2. Query analysis: It enables you to analyze and optimize existing database queries.
  3. Data collection: It has in-built features for collecting multiple data, such as queries, routes, and debugged data, which can be integrated and displayed on the dashboard.


  1. Debug effortlessly: It simplifies the complex process of identifying and fixing bugs.
  2. Enhanced efficiency: Real-time insights and detailed debugging data simplify and streamline the process of web app development.
  3. Improved productivity: An easy-to-use toolbar and simplified debugging saves you a lot of time and effort, which ultimately improves your overall productivity.

3. Laravel Forge


Laravel Forge, developed by Tyler Otwell (Laravel developer), is a server management tool built to automate web app deployment on PHP Framework. Since it simplifies the process of managing servers, deploying code, and scaling your application, it is considered as one of the top Laravel development tools.


  1. Server management: Provision and manage your server easily with intuitive navigation, controls, and automation features.
  2. Automate deployment: It simplifies web app deployment from Git repositories with one-click deployment workflows and automates integration with version control systems.
  3. Robust security: It includes security features of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate management and SSH key authentication that enable security within your web app.


  1. Simplified deployment: Features such as one-click deployment and automated server provisioning make it easy to deploy your web applications.
  2. Improved server management: It improves server performance, uptime, and the overall health of PHP applications.
  3. Security & scalability: SSL certificate management and server capabilities improve the security and scalability of your web apps.

4. Laravel Dusk 


Dusk is a feature-rich browser automation and testing tool that simplifies the processes of testing APIs, and heavy web applications. It is considered as one of the most reliable Laravel development tools and testing frameworks since it is developed by Laravel developers itself and is available as an official package.


  1. Browser automation: It controls web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and others and automates actions like clicking buttons, filling forms, and submitting data.
  2. Built-in helpers: Utilize dedicated assistance for common testing tasks such as login, cookies, and browser configuration.
  3. Simplified API: It offers a robust testing API that enables you to write expressive and comprehensive browser tests with ease.


  1. Rigorous testing: By ensuring comprehensive application testing and quality assurance, it conducts end-to-end testing.
  2. Improved digital experience: Improves the user interface by identifying and fixing issues that might affect user interaction and navigation.
  3. Enhanced bug detection: Its features, automatic failure screenshots, help in quick detection and resolution of bugs, which improve the overall quality of codes.

5. Laravel Vapor 


Vapor is another yet robust Laravel development tool that you can use to build dynamic web apps. Developed by Taylor Otwell, this PHP framework is built on AWS Lambda. It is a serverless deployment platform designed to simplify the processes of deploying, scaling, and managing web applications.


  1. Serverless deployment: It reduces the need for traditional server management since it deploys web apps over the serverless infrastructure of AWS Lambda.
  2. Integrated support: Since it is integrated with AWS and Aurora Serverless, it becomes easier to manage databases.
  3. Auto-scaling: It automatically scales your applications based on fluctuating traffic volumes without manual intervention.


  1. Cost-efficiency: The pay-as-you-go pricing model and serverless infrastructure reduce additional costs.
  2. Increased scalability: Manage any size of traffic hikes with automatic scaling capabilities.
  3. Robust security: It uses the features and infrastructure of AWS that improve security of your web app.

6. Laravel Tinker


As a REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) platform, Laravel Tinker is one of the decent and top Laravel development tools. It offers an interactive console for testing your code and interacts with the application's components in real-time.


  1. Interactive console: It provides an interactive command-line interface to run and test your code in real-time, which simplifies the debugging and testing processes.
  2. Easy integration: No additional setup is required for the integration since it’s readily available in your Laravel environment.
  3. Instant feedback: Its real-time update offers immediate feedback on code changes and interactions.


  1. Rapid development: With instant feedback and other features, you can experiment and prototypes ideas and implementation quickly and easily.
  2. Simplified testing: Its integration with Laravel offers you a convenient testing environment.
  3. Increased productivity: Simplify development processes by quickly testing, identifying, and verifying code snippets.

7. Laravel Socialite


It is a Laravel tools package that simplifies the integration with various social platforms such as Facebook, Google, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Slack. It effortlessly manages the users of OAuth authentication.


  1. User data: It seamlessly collects and retrieves user information and profile data from social platforms.
  2. OAuth support: It supports OAuth authentication that secures and standardizes authentication with supported social platforms.
  3. Flexible configuration: Customize behavior like redirect URLs and provider-specific options.


  1. Increased user experience: Offer convenient social login options to your users over your web apps.
  2. Enhanced security: Improve security with the established OAuth protocols for secure authentication.
  3. Wider reach: Attract digital users from various social media platforms.

Choose the top Laravel Development Tool


From PhpStorm, Debugbar, Forge, Dusk, Vapor, Tinker to Socialite, these tools offer an array of features and benefits catering to various development needs, encompassing intelligent coding assistance, advanced debugging, simplified server management, browser automation, and seamless social platform integration, among others. Each tool plays a vital role in enhancing your productivity, debugging, security, and user experience.


As a leading Laravel Development Service Provider, we build scalable and dynamic web applications tailored to your unique business needs that improve your ROI and business presence. For more queries and concerns, feel free to get in touch with us.

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