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Make Your Business Portal Advance With Liferay Digital Transformation Solutions

liferay digital transformation solutions
Why is digital transformation important for your business? Digital Transformation helps traditional businesses to transform their manual and offline business processes online. This helps the user to expand their business virtually and engage with consumers across the globe. 
Digital transformation is the answer for many businesses to survive and thrive in the upcoming digital era. Digital transformation is not only changing the way we work but also how we communicate with each other. 
With the help of digital transformation, we can easily increase the reach of our business and its products. Digital transformation solution has the potential to increase business revenue. This is the reason many businesses are adopting digital transformation.
Nowadays, businesses are turning to technology and modern software solutions to improve their product and services delivery. Liferay helps to transform your business digitally and enhance the business processes.

What is Liferay DXP?

Liferay DXP is a platform that meets the needs of companies in the process of Digital Transformation, with the primary aim of delivering a better customer experience. Liferay helps enterprises in providing tailored solutions such as Liferay customer portal, commerce sites, websites, and digital workplaces. The DXP works within your existing business workflow in order to create custom solutions that upgrade the experience of your customers, employees, and partners. 

Liferay products 

  • Digital Experience Platform

Liferay Digital Experience platform is a leading enterprise software solution that aims to match the needs of businesses and deliver a better customer experience. 
  • Commerce
Liferay commerce optimized B2B transactions that fully integrated a suite of digital engagement tools.   
  • Analytics cloud
Liferay analytics help you get comprehensive insights into how your digital experience is performing with advanced segmentation management and asset level report. 
  • DXP cloud
Liferay DXP Cloud is a reliable platform for enterprise auto-scaling, development tools, environments, monitoring, and much more for your Liferay platform.
  • Easy to use 
Liferay DXP offers a beautiful and smooth user interface so the user can easily operate the Liferay portal with no trouble. The user can easily perform the task and non-technical people can use the portal with ease. 
  • Low cost 
The pricing of Liferay DXP is lower than other platforms and Liferay provides the best features, functions, and provides custom solutions to the user. Companies can easily manage all the business processes and activities using a single platform.
  • User Experience
DXP has all the features and tools to maintain a positive digital experience for the user. The analytics tools in Liferay give deep insight into user behavior, expectation, and preferences. This helps the user to improve the customer experience and come up with new strategies to attract consumers. 
  • Automate business workflow 
Manual workflow in the organizations leads to inefficiency and management of the data becomes a major challenge for the business. Digitizing your business operations will reduce the problem of data storage and eliminate manual workflow systems. 


Liferay DXP is the modern solution for digital transformation and this helps businesses to get a competitive advantage over their competitors and increase ROI. We provide digital transformation solutions that completely meet your business requirements. Get in touch with us for more information. 
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