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New Features of Liferay 7.1


We all know that Liferay 7.1 has released so we all are excited about the new feature of Liferay 7.1. In this article, we have included key features of Liferay and explain each feature with some description. In Liferay 7.1 a lot of new features has been changed and also added some amazing features. Let’s start with key features of Liferay 7.1.

Key Features of Liferay 7.1

  1. Page Creation

  2. Fragments

  3. Menus

  4. Forms

  5. User Experience

  6. Administration Improvements

  7. What’s new for developer

1. Page Creation:

Liferay 7.1 has introduced a new powerful page creation feature. Users can now easily create and add unstructured content directly to pages. When user creating the new page, they can choose multiple options depending upon their needs.

  1. Main Type

    1. Widget Page

    2. Content Page

  2. Full Page Application

  3. Link to a Page of This Site

  4. Panel

  5. Embedded

Page Creation in Liferay 7.1

2. Fragments:

Fragment is a new way of creating content page design in Liferay 7.1. Developer can create fragment and reuse that fragment in multiple pages. This allows developers to create a library of designed components that can be used to create pages without touching the code.

There is another feature in Fragment is fragment editor. Developer can create fragment and edit in Fragment editor. Basically Fragment editor is professional code editor within the browser that allows web developers to create or edit their fragments.

Fragments in Liferay 7.1

3. Menus:

In Liferay 7.1 Menu are decoupled from page navigation. User can easily create new menu from Build -> Navigation Menu. Liferay also provide drag & drop function so user can easily maintain pages.

User can create new custom menu for sections of the site.

Create New Custom Menu in Liferay 7.1

4. Forms:

Liferay 7.1 introduced new functionality on forms so user can easily create new form on any conditions. Interface improved for end user as well as form creator.

1) Improved Usability

2) Conditional Rules

3) Fields and Properties

1) Improved Usability:

Basically Liferay used more than a dozen new tools that improve usability in Forms, So the user can easily customize forms and also improve user experience.

Form Creation:

  • Autocomplete
  • Drag and drop interface for fields
  • Multi-page forms 
  • Configured success page
  • Duplicate fields 
  • Clone forms 
  • Autosaving
  • Import/export data provider definitions 
  • Localization

Form Management:

  • Improved process for publishing and previewing forms
  • Shareable form URLs
  • Redirect after form submission
  • Validation logic with RegEx
  • Custom messages for validation errors
  • Workflow integration
  • Email notification 
  • Versioning 
  • Reusable element sets for quickly creating new forms


  • CAPTCHA enablement 
  • User authentication

2) Conditional Rules:

Conditional Rules is used to create advance form. Liferay developer can use new Rule API to create a new rule and to create custom conditions.

3) Fields and Properties:

In Liferay 7.1 added new field and properties likes File Upload, Password and Autocomplete. An API allows developers to create new customized field types.

5. User Experience:

Adaptive Media:

Adaptive media is an application which provides best content for right device. Before liferay 7.1 release developer needs to add app to the Liferay portal but Liferay inc has added adaptive media in Liferay 7.1 by default.

There are lots of benefits of adaptive media:

1) Best content for the right device: Liferay Adaptive media Load Website image as per device resolution. So basically if you are using a laptop then it will load the high-resolution image and if you are using a smartphone then it will load low-resolution image compare to a laptop.

2) Optimized images: For Every device, we will get the optimized image so it will decrease load time.

3) Reduced Page size: We are getting images as per device resolution. so, it will decrease web page size.

4) Improved Loading time: Optimized content reduce page size so basically it will not take more time to download page.

5) Save bandwidth: Optimized content improves page size so it will save bandwidth.

6) Easy to Use: Blog writer & content writer doesn’t have to follow another step just follow as usual and get optimized images on the blog.

Blogs and Message Boards:

In Liferay 7.1 Blogs Supports creating friendly URLs, displaying estimated reading times, the ability to unsubscribe from email notifications, new cards design and support for videos from external services make easier to deliver experiences to your blog audience.

In Liferay 7.1 Message Boards supports drag and drop for uploading attachments, section renaming, category and thread grouping, notification management and a new design for comments.

6. Administration Improvements:

1) Data Protection:

Liferay 7.1 introduced new data protection tool which help to manage user data.So. companies can erase and destroy user personal data.

2) Search:

Basically Liferay has improve their search and uses elasticsearch 6 for search engine. Liferay search gives more options for implementing and managing enterprise search.

3) Workflow Management :

Workflow management comes with UI in Liferay 7.1 with new features and configuration. So from now, we can save our workflow in draft and we can also restore our previous workflow.

7. What’s new for Developers:

Till now we have seen many improvement made on Liferay 7.1 so developer can easily delivered business requirement in time. In Liferay 7.1 Liferay did some improvement for developers.

1) Modularity Update included New search applications such as Search Results, Search Bar and Category Facets allow flexibility in page construction.

2) Hybrid Mobile App Development leverages Screens 3.0 enables software developers to use Apache Cordova or Xamarin to build cross-platform applications.

3) Liferay 7.1 provides support for popular JavaScript frameworks like Angular, Vue.js, React and modern JavaScript workflows.

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