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Odoo Migration: Upgrade your Odoo to the Next version

Odoo is evolving rapidly with new features to increase productivity of any organization in various ways. That is why 'Odoo Upgrade' is one of the most attractive service provided by Odoo SA.


To Upgrade your Odoo to the next version, there are two main areas for consideration.

  1. Database Upgrade

  2. Code Upgrade


  1. Database Upgrade

Odoo SA can Upgrade your older version of Odoo database to the newer version of Odoo. You need to subscribe for enterprise contract to be benefited for this service:  https://www.odoo.com/buy

You can see database Upgrade process from the following Link: https://upgrade.odoo.com/database/upload


   2.  Code Upgrade

You have two options:    A. Contact Odoo SA      B. Contact Odoo Partner / Service Provider


A . Contact Odoo SA

Odoo SA can be helpful to upgrade your customized Odoo modules: https://upgrade.odoo.com/module/upload


B. Contact Odoo Partner / Service Provider

Odoo Partner can also help you out for code Upgrade.


Let me share the process which need to follow for code migration.

  1. Setup environment for older version on local and test machine

    • Get older version of Odoo code from Github.

    • Get the customized code for older version of Odoo.

    • Create new database and install all custom modules.

    • Check and test all functionalities (Specially those who requires migration).

    • Take general overview of the all modules' (standard + custom) functionalities.

    • Get the document / overview from the client to understand older versions' customized code and their functionalities.

    • Prepare test cases related to all functionalities.

  2. Setup new environment to start code migration

    • Get code for the latest version of Odoo.

    • Setup online coding environment where we will push migrated modules' code.

  3. Do code migration of the module one by one.

    • Get the list and priority of the modules to be migrated.

    • Get the document which describes complete functionalities of current implementation.

  4. Get the older version of production database and check those modules' functionalities with real data.

  5. Once code migration will be completed, get the migrated database of a newer version and test with the migrated code.

  6. Pre-production setup

    • Test all use cases on pre-production database and make sure all functionalities work fine.

  7. Identify issues

    • If the issue is related to code migration then it will be fixed by Odoo Partner (Service Provider).

    • If the issue is related to migration script then we can ask Odoo SA to fix it and get the latest migrated database

  8. Once all issue will be resolved then do final migration for production

    • Send database to Odoo SA for final migration (for production)

    • Once we have the final migrated database for production than we can proceed for final go live with new migrated database.

    • Complete user training and start working on upgraded version of Odoo.

We have already worked on few Odoo migration projects in past. You can contact us at [email protected] for your code migration need.

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