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Override Liferay DXP/7 JSP Hook(Module)

Why create hook?

If you need to override the core JSPs from a module deployed to the OSGi runtime, you need a fragment module(Hook) which provides complete copy of the original JSP. In which you can make any modifications as per your requirements.


About this blog

In this blog, I have described steps to override a Liferay DXP/7’s JSPs. Please find jar file of fragment module at the end of blog for reference.


Before starting this blog, basic knowledge about Liferay IDE and Liferay Portal is required.


Sample Problem:  Overriding login.jsp of com.liferay.login.web module using fragment module.


Override Liferay JSP: (Using blade CLI)

  • Here, I am going to override login page of liferay DXP/7. So, we need to create a fragment module for login page.
To create a fragment run following command in terminal under your liferay workspace.



  • Using Gogo Shell you can find  “HOST_BUNDLE_SYMBOLIC_NAME” and “HOST_BUNDLE_VERSION”.

Creating fragment

  • Run following command in your terminal.

blade create -t fragment -h com.liferay.login.web -H 1.0.7 my-login-jsp-hook


  • Make “login.jsp”  in ”/my-login-jsp-hook/src/main/resources/META-INF/resources” folder.

Copy source code of login.jsp from liferay portal and paste in your custom “login.jsp”. You can add your changes into this file.

  • Now build and deploy “my.login.jsp.hook.jar” on your Liferay DXP / 7 server.
                                 build and deploy my.login.jsp.hook.jar on Liferay DXP


Jar file : login_jsp_hook.zip

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