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Override Liferay Portal JavaScript


Liferay modules contains portal default files. For JSPs you can easily override using fragments. But, for default JavaScript files you can not override directly. So, for override JavaScript files requires below things.

  • Copy original modules JavaScript file with your customization.
  • Create configuration file for configure customised JavaScript file.
  • Add config.js file path and WebContext-Path into module bnd file for override original module.

Follow the steps to override Liferay portal default js :

NOTE: Must remember to change the original file name, because the original JS file and your JS file should not be the same name. (E.g. change “session.js” file name to “custom-session.js”.)

  1. Create an OSGI module to override original file. (E.g. give module name “override-session-js” to override “session.js” portal JavaScript file.)
  2. Create a js folder under WEB-INF/resources/ then add copied original JavaScript file into js folder and rename it.
  3. Do the modification in the JavaScript file as per your requirement and save it.
  4. Now, you need to configure modules for Liferay Portal’s Loaders. For that add config.js file in the JavaScript folder. Modules are defined in config.js file as per the below pattern.Configure Modules for Liferay Portal Loaders


  5. For loading custom module you have to update module name in copied JavaScript file as per your config.js file. (liferay-session-override instead of liferay-session) custom-session.js file:Update Module Name to Load Custom Module


  6. In the final step, you have to configure your bundles bnd file. (Add config.js file path and Web-ContextPath).Confiigure bnd file and deploy the module


  7. Now, deploy the module.


If JavaScript changes are not visible then perform the below steps:

  1. Use different Group Name for every module in config.js file.
  2. Do Empty Cache and Hard Reload in browser.
  3. Log In with admin user in Liferay Portal then click on Control Panel >> Configuration >> Server Administration and then Click on execute:
    • Run the garbage collector to free up memory.
    • Clear the database cache.
    • Clear the direct servlet cache.


Happy Reading!!

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