Corporate And Intranet Portals for A Govt. Authentication Service Provider

Corporate And Intranet Portals for A Govt. Authentication Service Provider
Technologies :
  • Liferay
  • Java
  • Fragments
  • Stylebook
  • Lexicon
  • Clay
  • Kaleo Workflow
  • MySql
  • Elasticsearch
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Rancher CI/CD

Description :

About our Customer:

Our client is a semi-govt entity that handles Govt. Authentication Service for one of the countries in the African region. They also manage data centers for VPS, web hosting, and similar services for government and non-government entities in the country.

Business Needs / Challenges:

  • Corporate website for the organization with feasibility to easily create subsites/pages for various departments.
  • Robust CMS for content management.
  • The platform must support three different languages.
  • Single sign-on with Govt. IDP services.
  • Robust search functionality for site content and documents.


  • Liferay DXP as the base platform for the portal.
  • Infrastructure setup on Kubernetes for the highly availability and scalability.
  • CI/CD configuration with gitlab and rancher pipeline for automatic code deployment.
  • Customized the Liferay login flow with OpenID to connect for SSO authentication.
  • Utilized liferay's new fragment pages and collections for easy inline content editing for site pages. Also, utilized structure and templating functionality of asset publisher and webcontent.
  • Customized Liferay search for autocomplete and preferenced based search results.
  • Utilized stylebook for managing different color schemes for page sections across the portal and sub-sites.

Key Features:

  • SSO
  • Optimized search with autocomplete suggestions
  • Inline content editing
  • Localization
  • Dynamic color configurations
  • Highly available and scalability for the Liferay with Kubernates

Business impact:

  • Improve user experience
  • 40% increase in the site visitors
  • 50% increase leads from the site