Education Meetup

Education Meetup
Technologies :
  • Liferay 6.2 EE
  • Java
  • Maven
  • Konakart
  • Solr
  • Openfire
  • MySql
  • Jquery
  • Spring
  • Hibernate

Description :

Client's pain points :

  • Creation of responsive design that is compatible with various resolution devices like Mobiles and Tablets.

  • Integration of Konakart eCommerce software with Liferay.

  • Need of customization of "Client Store Front" provided by Konakart.

  • Implementation of steady and reliable one-to-one and group chat functionalities.

  • Need to use Liferay's existing features like Blogs, Daily Activities and News.

  • Need of customization of Liferay OOTB portlets and development of custom portlets for Liferay.

  • Integration with Social Platforms to show the posts on the Portal page.

How we helped to resolve :

  • Customized the Liferay portal according to evolving requirements over a long period of time.

  • Daily scrum based model and Agile based development to improve the Portal on daily basis.

  • Integrated Konakart with Liferay using Konakart admin panel and client store as separate portlets.

  • Created custom client store using Konakart REST API to meet the requirements.

  • Integrated Solr with Liferay and Konakart to provide Searching and Indexing.

  • Customized Liferay OOTB portlets like Calendar to cater client's requirement.

  • Developed and designed custom portlets for Kids Profile, School Interactive Timeline, To Do List and Notifications.

  • Integrated Openfire Chat Server with Liferay to provide one-to-one and group chatting for members of the portal.

  • Used REST APIs provided by Social Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to fetch posts from the page of the company to the portal page.

  • Performed extensive UI testing for all the resolutions to keep user experience unified across all the devices.