Odoo Code and Database Upgradation

Odoo Code and Database Upgradation
Technologies :
  • Odoo
  • Python
  • XML
  • PostgreSQL
  • Jquery
  • Html
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap

Description :

Recent Project Statistics :

  • Client's business: Furniture manufacturing & selling
  • Migration from: v7.0 to v10.0
  • Database Size: 45 GB+
  • # of active users: 240+
  • 12000+ Products
  • 8600+ Orders/Quotations
  • 1100000+ Customer Invoices & Supplier Invoices
  • Major Modules Used: Sale, Purchase, Accounting, Stock, Point of Sale, MRP, Project, HR

Business Needs / Challenges:

  • Odoo is evolving rapidly with new features.
  • If you're using Odoo version 10 or lower, then it's time that you need to migrate to Odoo 13.
  • If you are using Odoo 10 or 11, you would need to consider moving to Odoo 13 because of a couple of reasons. Creative & rich UI, Performance Optimization, Better Features, and so on.
  • Moreover, Odoo 13 is optimized for the user especially in terms of inventory and stock management. The Multi-table dependencies of the many fields are reduced to ease the working load.
  • How to use new features to increase the productivity of any organization.
  • How to make older version databases and code compatible with the newest version.
  • Risk of knowledge loss while upgrading.
  • Need for migration arises when your business is growing & you seek an improved and more efficient solution.


  • A standardized process for DB download, migration, and upload to attenuate Odoo downtime.
  • We ensured that correct data is maintained within the database while upgrading to a more recent version.
  • Migration is repeated after the initial migration, as a test is applied on a pre-production database to test whether all the functionalities are working well or there's an issue with either Odoo code migration or migration script.
  • As experienced Odoo service providers, we have the power to upgrade the code.
  • Odoo Code migration, custom-build modules, and 3rd Party customized modules using the latest technical features of Odoo.
  • Reduce customization efforts by introducing configuration options of the newest version of Odoo.
  • Setup and deploy a brand new Odoo production system with migrated Odoo code and database.
  • Standard Odoo code migration process in-line with Odoo SA.
  • Help clients to resolve migration issues and acquire the clean migrated database of Odoo.
  • Exporting data from different ERP systems and importing it within the Odoo system.

Key Features:

  • Maintained data security during upgradation.
  • Data migration, the sort – static or dynamic depending upon the client. We first moved the information in test DB to run tests and quality checks & then transferred to the client's DB.
  • The most crucial step needed to be taken care of while migrating in Odoo is to keep up a backup of the entire data and system database so there is no loss of information or database.
  • Efficient script to upgrade the database with predefined configurations without data loss.
  • Efficient performance and appearance and feel after upgrading the net shop.
  • Efficient navigations and access right management.
  • Integrity check after upgrading the net shop.
  • Improved security patches and authentications.