Ticket booking and Event Management System for Museum

Ticket Booking and Event Management System for Museum

Technologies :
  • Odoo
  • Point of Sale
  • IoT
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Qweb
  • Barcode Scanner

Description :


About our Customer:

Our client is an agency that is handling multiple IT related work for a national museum. Museum administration was looking for an event management system to manage event related activities like publishing events details online for guests to view and book the ticket. They also need the possibility to buy tickets offline via a POS system on-site at the museum. Further to this, they need to integrate a ticket scanner and integration with an electronic gate to open based on the ticket validity for site entry.

Business Needs / Challenges:

  • Our client was looking for a quick and user-friendly solution for managing museum events.
  • System needs to be on a cloud server to be accessible anywhere.
  • Publish events online and allow online ticket booking from guests.
  • Feasibility to purchase ticket booking on-site with POS at site.
  • Tickets should have a barcode for further scanning at gate entry.
  • InteWe prepared a roadmap, budget planning, and architectural proposal solution based on Odoo.sh Enterprise Edition.


  • We prepared a roadmap, budget planning, and architectural proposal solution based on Odoo.sh Enterprise Edition.
  • Enhancement of events app availability in Odoo to adhere to additional changes needed for museum administration like allowing events ticket booking
  • from POS, custom receipt/ticket printing from POS with attendee details.
  • Automated event availability and ticket booking based on predefined durations.
  • Integrated IOT box to connect ticket scanner at electronic gate entry.
  • Custom API integration to send signals to allow or reject users at the electronic gate entry system.

Bussiness Impact:

  • One platform for managing all business requirements to event management. Customer was managing event management with both manual paper-based entries and a custom platform to publish events online. We helped them to save over 70% infrastructure and management team costs for events.
  • Automated end-to-end Event creation till the scanning of generated tickets from Point of Sale sessions.
  • Increased the speed of printing multiple tickets at the same time.
  • Better customer service.

Key Features:

  • Event tickets printing from Point of Sale session
  • Manage ticket validation for accessing museum through gatery