25% Consumer Base Expansion and Digital Experience Transformation with Liferay for an Insurance Company

Detailed insights

About Customer

Our client has been a leading provider of specialty insurance products and risk and wealth management services since 1962 in the US. The company offers a range of customized and personalized insurance solutions for organizations and individuals as well, including health, life, asset, and business insurance.

Dedicated to embracing digital transformation and enhancing the customer experience, our client aims to develop an insurance portal that will enable their customers to conveniently access their insurance information and make claims, facilitate employees in enhancing their productivity, and optimize the overall efficiency of business operations.

Number of Employees : 300+

Business Needs & Challenges

  • Poor digital customer experience: The absence of a customer self-service portal raised various challenges for their customers, including restricted access to insurance information, time-consuming claims, and the inability to manage their insurance policies independently.
  • Ineffective processes and operational inefficiency: The unavailability of an insurance portal led to reliance on paperwork and manual processes, which presented challenges of increased costs, inefficiency, slower customer service, and reduced competitiveness for the client.
  • Fragmented sources of information: Our client was struggling to create a seamless and efficient claims application process for policyholders due to the incomplete integration of various data sources and customer information.
  • Agents' productivity and challenges: The absence of an insurance agent portal resulted in challenges for their agents, like limited customer interaction, inefficient information access, delayed real-time updates, and time-consuming onboarding.
  • Need for a custom insurance customer portal: Our client was looking for an all-in-one online platform for policyholders to submit claims, track their claim status, upload multiple attachments, and receive email notifications for the insurance status.


To effectively meet the client's needs and requirements, we focused on developing a web portal that not only addresses customer experience challenges but also improves agents' productivity and drives business growth.


After gaining a deep understanding of the insurance company's challenges and requirements, our team collaborated with the client to create a development roadmap and explained anticipated impacts of the proposed solution to ensure it aligns with the client's expectations.


We crafted the architecture and designed the UI/UX of a visually appealing web portal. We created custom templates, layouts, color schemes, and typography for the web application, all with the aim of surpassing customer expectations and enhancing their digital experience.


We used Liferay Portal solutions to craft a user-centric insurance portal that offers a captivating user experience. Our Liferay experts implemented back-end logic and APIs for data collection, and we revamped their website by integrating secure login and document upload capabilities.


Following extensive quality assurance testing, we revealed a user-friendly insurance portal to ensure the utmost digital experience. In addition, we set up and configured the essential servers and databases to maximize the functionality of the developed insurance portal solution.

key features

  • Responsive designs
  • User-friendly interface
  • User registration and authentication
  • Role-based access management
  • Content accessibility security measures
  • Content management system
  • Integration of email services and notification
  • Configurable Liferay DXP themes
  • Multiple file upload capabilities for claims
  • Integration with iOS wallet and payment gateway

Technology Stack & Tools

  • Liferay


  • JavaScript


  • MySQL


  • Bootstrap


  • ReactJS


  • REST


  • OSGi