CX Transformation for a German Bicycle Manufacturer with Odoo Ecommerce Configurator

Detailed insights

About Customer

Our client, a pioneering German bicycle manufacturer, has gained a reputation for its innovative and design-centric approach to bicycle production. Founded in 2012 by two engineering enthusiasts in Chemnitz, Germany, the company has made a mark in the industry for crafting bicycles known for their durability, comfort, and style.

The company boasts a diverse range of models, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and city bikes. What sets them apart is their commitment to utilizing top-quality materials and components in their manufacturing processes. They are particularly known for their use of 3D printing technology in the production of bicycle frames.

Number of Employees : 45+

Business Needs & Challenges

  • Lack of product configurator: One of the primary challenges faced by the business was the absence of a product configurator on their Ecommerce website. This absence hindered customers' ability to personalize their products, resulting in a less engaging and interactive shopping experience. The client explicitly requested the integration of a configurator on their Ecommerce platform, capable of offering product variants, automatically inhibiting incompatible choices, enabling custom and multiple selections, and continuity through configuration sessions.
  • Complex product catalogue: The products featured in our client's Ecommerce catalogue were notably diverse and intricate. Effectively managing and showcasing this complexity proved to be a significant challenge for the company.
  • Poor customer experience: The organization's Ecommerce website suffered from a monotonous customer experience, leading to a lack of engagement, resulting in preventing the company from generating significant business through its Ecommerce platform.
  • Fragmented e-commerce and ERP channels: The absence of integration between the ERP and Ecommerce channels created information silos and disjointed workflows, resulting in inefficiencies and significant operational challenges for the client. These challenges included inventory inaccuracies, delays in order processing, limited automation, inconsistent data, and errors in reports and analytics.


Our approach involved addressing multiple challenges simultaneously by integrating a product configurator, optimizing product showcasing, and improving overall customer engagement on the Ecommerce website.


Transparent communication with the customer helped identify their pain points and requirements. A thorough analysis of the existing system revealed the need for a product configurator, improved product showcasing, ERP-Ecommerce, and enhanced customer engagement.


The design phase involved creating a comprehensive architecture for the Ecommerce website. This included user-friendly catalog layouts, intuitive product configurator interfaces, and visually appealing intuitive designs to improve the overall customer experience.


Leveraging advanced Odoo features & functionalities, we developed an Ecommerce website with a robust product configurator that allows customers to personalize products with ease. We also focused on managing and showcasing of products with Odoo Catalogue.


After thorough QA testing, server configuration, and database set-up, the Ecommerce website was deployed, ensuring that the product configurator seamlessly integrated with the site. We also seamlessly unveiled their ERP system upon performing system tests.

key features

  • Well-Managed Product Catalog
  • Integrated Ecommerce with ERP
  • Tailored Product Configurator
  • Configuration session resumption
  • Integrated and Streamlined Payments
  • Inventory Tracking & Automated Order Processing
  • User-Friendly Interface & Product Personalization
  • Customizable Product Variants

Technology Stack & Tools

  • Odoo


  • Python


  • PostgreSQL


  • JavaScript


  • Bootstrap


  • jQuery