An Integrated Business Application for the Transportation & Logistics Giant

Detailed insights

About Customer

Our client is one of the largest MNCs in the port acquisition, development, operation, and management business. For the last three decades, the company has expanded its business to over 30 locations in 20 countries, including emerging market economies in Asia Pacific, America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Irrelevant to shipping and consignee-related services, the company works and transacts transparently with all the supply chain stakeholders. Our client has customers almost all around the globe and they have been using multiple platforms to manage their business information according to locations and nations.

Number of Employees : 8,000+

Business Needs & Challenges

  • Operational costs and server expenses to manage multiple platforms across different locations- internationally.
  • The language barrier, missed opportunities, and limited accessibility due to the absence of a website with multilingual support.
  • Challenges in managing business worldwide due to dependency on developers for hosting separate portals and redundancy in information.
  • A dull digital experience with the current architecture of systems.


From consulting to deployment, our focus was to deliver an integrated mobile and centralized web application that empower our customer to efficiently manage their operations in one location with SSO.


Our team consulted the client with a roadmap and efficient proposal for a centralized application. After brainstorming the current challenges and analyzing the performance of their existing systems, we recommended a business application integrated with AWS infrastructure.


We documented the system architecture, structure, and UI/UX designs with a prototype for an intuitive and visually appealing iOS application and web portal with interactive layouts, templates, color schemes, and typography. Our approach was to deliver app and web solutions that surpass our client's expectations.


Following design specifications and using frameworks for iOS, Android, Node.js, and React, we developed a multisite architecture solution hosted on AWS that consolidates several functionalities, including automation in various languages, unified management access via SSO, and an integrated platform.


Following QA Testing, server configuration, and database set-up, we deployed a seamlessly connected multilingual app with centralized editorial controls. Parallely, we deployed a website that manages content across several regional websites. System tests were performed to ensure the functioning of a web application.

key features

  • Single sign-on
  • Multilingual support
  • User-friendly layout
  • Seamless omni-channel experience
  • Tracking of vessels, trucks, and containers
  • Elastic search integration
  • Payment estimations
  • Real-time push notifications
  • Centralized access
  • Admin panel configuration manager

Technology Stack & Tools

  • Android


  • iOS


  • React


  • AWS Cloud

    AWS Cloud

  • Azure


  • Node.js


  • Firebase