AWS S3 Integration with Odoo Document Management for Improved ROI on Storage Space

Detailed insights

About Customer

Our client is a leading European environmental consultancy and contracting firm since its establishment in 2003. They have successfully worked with various sectors across different industries, including and not limited to, residential, commercial, public, and insurance services, across the entire continent.
Their comprehensive services encircle contaminated land assessment & remediation, hydrogeology & water resource development, occupational exposure & hygiene, insurance, and oil spill cleanup.

Number of Employees : 50+

Business Needs & Challenges

  • Document Management- Managing tonnes of attachments linked to each and every case study and success story of theirs.
  • Content Management- Displaying the attachments in a folder view structure, like File Manager.
  • Personalized User Access- Allowing users to access various files and folders according to their rights.
  • Duration-restricted Access- Enabling website visitors to download attachments, available for specific duration.
  • Historical Data Import- Retrieving historical data, including attachments and pictures, from the previous projects and works.


In the entire process, our approach was to deliver external file storage solution in integration with Odoo. It will enable the client to showcase attachments in a folder view structure without affecting the performance of their system. It will allow the users of the client to download attachments without any login credentials.


Our team coordinated with the client to understand their business needs and challenges. The client requested us to develop a roadmap with a budget-friendly and architectural proposal for an Odoo-based solution. Upon analyzing the performance of our client's existing system, we recommended Amazon S3 as the storage solution for attachments in Odoo.


We designed the prototype of the interactive dashboard for the folder-view structure that contains multiple projects with attachments. Upon fixing custom templates, layouts, and color schemes, we documented the system architecture with intuitive UI/UX designs. The focus was to offer a design, which manages multiple folders, pictures, and PDFs.


We developed the pre-signed URL and Dynamic URL Generation feature to ensure secure and private attachment downloads. Moreover, the customization of the dashboard view using OwlJS was carried out to display project attachments without the need for data storage in the database or filestore according to user access and rights.


Upon successful testing by our QA team, we integrated their existing system, Odoo, with AWS S3 by configuring the settings to enable seamless communication and data exchange between the two systems. Additionally, we set up and configured their servers and databases required for the developed solution to function correctly and efficiently.

key features

  • Document Management
  • Quick downloads for project and/or task attachments
  • Two-way sync between Amazon S3 and Odoo
  • User access management

Technology Stack & Tools

  • Odoo


  • Python


  • JavaScript





  • GitHub


  • AWS