Warehouse Management and Location Tracking for Cold Storages

Warehouse Management and Location Tracking for Cold Storages
Technologies :
  • Odoo
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL

Description :

Managing multiple locations and outlets can be excessively complex, especially for inventory. It keeps getting complicated when it comes to shipping and tracking records of stocks, suppliers, and customers' availability. Customizable Odoo offers a suite of applications for multiple locations, inventory management, stock recognition, and shipping, making it too easier for an organization to automate, continuity of information, and streamline the workflow.


About our Customer:

Our client is a prestigious company that deals with potato processing from its suppliers (farmers, here) to cold storage and then to its customers. Their principal business is to import potatoes from the farmers and deliver them to the customers in bulk. Besides, they have multiple cold storages for renting, which allow farmers to store their potatoes.


Our client was looking for an effortless and easy-to-access platform in their preferred language (mother tongue). Their expectations from the system were to manage product stock (inventory adjustments), farmers (suppliers), vehicles (shipping), customers, multiple cold storage warehouses, and locations.

Business Needs / Challenges:

  • Multiple warehouse management: They required the location classification according to the parent and child scenario.

  • Incoming shipments: There was a requirement to manage and keep records of the import of potatoes from farmers, like time, quantity, supplier, and the method of importing.

  • Multi-Step routes (Input + Quality + Stock): The client needed to manage their stocks in multiple cold storages, quantity, and quality of potatoes at the particular location.

  • Inventory management: They have had the requirement of managing the potatoes in cold storage.

  • Consignee stock recognition: The client wanted confirmation if they own the stored inventory or are rented by the farmers.

  • Lots and serial numbers: They were required to track their potatoes by unique Marko numbers from the end-to-end point.

  • Shipping: The client requested to track the shipping and deliveries of potatoes to its final buyers.

  • Delivery receipts: They wanted pdf reports with a watermark in their preferred language.

  • Miscellaneous operations: Other than mission-critical applications, the client also needed a system that manages the organization-related workflow, business process, and HR-related procedures.


  • Our experts coordinated with the client's business team on an architectural proposal for a solution based on Odoo and provided a solution through the multi-warehouse functionality of Odoo.
  • We Provided the solution of their location classification as the default multi-location functionality based on Odoo.
  • We built a custom module for maintaining critical and required details of the import and export of potatoes.
  • We proposed a solution for product classification through the usage of the above module, which provided a feature for classifying the product, i.e. if the stock is on rent or of their own.
  • For the quality categorization of potatoes, we offered the solution based on Odoo to create different product variants of their potato qualities.
  • To track their products from an end-to-end point, we customized and provided a solution using the lot number feature on Odoo. The client will manage lot numbers based on the unique Marko number.
  • We provided a product management feature in inventory, which fulfills the requirement of stock management that specifies the availability, quantity, and location.
  • Our experts constructed a custom module to fulfill the user interface that requires reports in their preferred language (mother tongue).
  • Provided a customized solution to have watermarks in reports. We also offered a solution to keep track of all the activities from import and export entries.

Business Impact:

The new Odoo warehouse management system eliminated lots of paperwork and manual process, which required maintaining the record of product stock in storage, vendor data, customer information, shipping details, and vehicle details. The system also seems to be timely, effective, and smooth in running operations for multiple cold storages.


Enriched several business benefits with the solution:

  • Improved client experience.
  • Easiness in handling data.
  • Smooth trace of quantity and quality based on the lot number.
  • Effectively manage vendor, customer, vehicle, product, inward, and outward records.
  • Enhanced system to handle multiple cold storage and their processes.

Key Features:

  • Accessible in the client's preferred language.
  • Flexible in accessing from anywhere.
  • Efficient to use and easy to maintain.
  • Efficient navigations and access right management.