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Advantages of Using The Website As a Mobile App With PWA Solution

pwa solution
The usage of mobile phones has increased in recent years and now mobile phones are the best way to engage with your customers and promote your business.
Developing a mobile application can take a lot of time and a tremendous investment. Companies are looking for a straightforward solution for developing mobile apps that won’t take much time and require less investment.
PWAs is a feature that converts your website into a mobile application so the user can easily use your website as a mobile app. Let’s learn more about PWA and what features it provides.

What is the PWA?

The PWA stands for “progressive web application” and it can convert your website into a mobile application. Google introduced the PWA approach in 2015 and it minimizes the time spending in developing applications.
Progressive Web Apps are modern web applications and work with all the modern browsers, which support service workers and are compatible with all the devices. Using PWA can be beneficial for business such as:-
  • Less investment 

PWA is very useful for both developers and companies, it does not require different versions for multiple devices. The single progressive web app is enough for all the devices to develop mobile applications for both iOS and Android.
PWA requires less investment but gives an effective progressive mobile app and it performs like a native mobile app. 
  • Easy and quick installation

It does not require a complex procedure to install the application; the user has to download the application and after that, the user can use the website as a mobile application.
It can run PWA mobile apps on any device, all browsers supporting service workers, and it provides a splendid experience to the user.
  • Enhance performance 

The performance of the PWA mobile application is quite impressive and smooth compared to native applications. It provides a faster digital experience and performance to the user.
  • No update problem

The specialty of PWA is that they automatically updated it without notifying the user and asking them for permission requests.
Thus, the user doesn’t have to download the additional file to update the mobile application. It sends notification to the user when a new update launches. 
  • Safety and security 

HTTP assists data safety and security to minimize the risk and this protocol ensures safety in content delivery with Odoo functional support system.
  • No AppStore required 

The mobile apps created via progressive web app development don’t require app marketplaces such as App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Store. The user can download the application directly via a link.
  • Offline usage 

The key feature of the PWAs is that the user can access them without an internet connection. It saves all the information of the user previously accessed. They offer offline competencies to web apps and help cache new content from the PWA to integrate it as a local change to a remote server.

PWA Installation Steps for desktop:

  • Go to the URL bar at the top

Goto Address Bar and Click on Icon in Top Right Corner


  • Click on the icon at the top right to install 

Click on Install in Pop Up


  • To remove from chrome, navigate to apps and remove

Right Click on App Icon and Select Remove from Chrome Option

PWA installation steps for mobile devices:

  • Click on the three dots at the top

Click on Three Dots in Mobile Device


  • Now, click on it and add it to the home screen

Click on Add to Home screen


  • Edit the name and click on add

Edit Name and Then Click on Add Button


  • To remove the app, tap and hold the app and click “Uninstall”

Remove App from Mobile Device



PWA is a timesaving and effective method to create faster and secure mobile applications for any industry. Surekha Technologies is an Odoo development company that will help you in providing PWA solutions that match your business requirements to get the best results.
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