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Attendance Import Made Easy with Odoo

The most essential pieces of security are verification and approval of individuals, that’s why most of the companies are using biometric devices for attendance.

Biometric security systems are becoming an important component for multi-factor authentication and they are used for various purposes - such as attendance, tracking of the process, etc. 

An increasing number of entry and exit systems of large companies are now based on biometrics.

Odoo provides an all-in-one HR suite including Recruitments, Appraisal, Expenses, Leaves, Attendances, etc. Managing Attendances for large numbers of employees is a bit tedious work. There are chances your bio-metric hardware does not support interfacing with Odoo. What common feature we observe with biometric machines, is they provide manual data export features.

To help you decide whether this biometric import module makes sense for your particular application, let’s look at the major benefits and then look at how to import the attendance file in the Odoo.

What does this module solve?

  • We provide a way to utilize the data exported from biometric devices to help you manage attendance in Odoo more quickly and efficiently.
  • You can import attendance using CSV or Excel files with different formats and some unique constraints which will avoid human errors.
  • Save time and bring discipline.
  • Reduces paperwork, error.
  • Data validations. Highlights inappropriate attendance records.
Highlight inappropriate attendance data
  • Import attendance date by selecting a date range.

Import Attendance date by Selecting Date Range

  • 17 Pre-built date-formats are supported.
  • No Hardware interfacing required.

How to import data?

  • Export data from the biometric machine(You can just export it in a USB drive. Most biometric support this).
  • Format your CSV or Excel file If needed(Look on the above details for supported formats).
    • If the format of the file is as per what our app supports, you don't need to do anything.
    • If the format is different, then you can update the file with Excel or Google Sheets and then download the file as a CSV or Excel file.
  • Import the CSV or Excel file via our module into Odoo.

I hope this blog will make your attendance import easy with Odoo. Check out our module on the Odoo marketplace , bookmark us, and of course, feel free to leave any comments. While you are at it if you need any help with any other solutions check out our services

Take a sip of your coffee and stay tuned for more blogs like this!!!

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