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Bid essentially means a quotation or a tender offer. It is used to get the maximum price out of your product or services as a seller. In Odoo, there is such functionality available through which a user can create a purchase request and call for bids. Let me show you how we can utilize the bidding functionality in Odoo v13.

Step 1: Install module purchase_requisition:
  • Go to menu > Apps.
  • Remove Apps filter from the search bar.
  • Search for module ‘purchase_requisition’.
  • Click on Install.
Step 2:Configure Purchase Agreement Types to select multiple RFQ:
  • Go to menu Purchases > Configurations > Purchase Agreement Types > Calls For Tender.
  • Click on edit.
  • Select the option which is displayed in the above image.
  • Selecting this option permits the user to allow multiple RFQ for a single purchase agreement, which means that multiple partners can bid on one purchase agreement(tender).
Step 3:Create Purchase Agreements:
  • Go to menu Purchases > Orders > Purchase Agreements.
  • Create a new purchase agreement.
  • Fill the details as per your requirements, an example agreement is shown below.
  • Vendor selection is optional. If you select the Vendor from here, then it will automatically fill in that Vendor in this RFQ.
  • Now click on buttons “Confirm” and then on “Validate”.
  • There will be a button called “New Quotation”, Press it to create a new quotation.
  • You can also log an internal note, just click on Log note as mentioned in the below image.
  • As you can see in the below image we have 3 RFQ for purchase agreement TE00002.
  • You can select the one best for you and cancel the ones you don’t need.
  • If you want to check that to which agreement any specific quotation/order is linked, you can get that info from the fields mentioned in below image:

That’s it from my side, please stay tuned for more helpful blogs like this!

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