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Create Ionic Cordova Custom Plugin

ionic cordova


Ionic is an open-source SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps. Ionic provides lots of plugins to build a hybrid application. Sometimes hybrid applications have limitations in terms of plugins and support. In this blog, we are going to discuss how we can use the Cordova plugin can help you out when you are stuck somewhere.


We assume that you have a full setup of the ionic and Cordova in your system. Here, we will use a tool named plugman to create a custom Cordova plugin.

Now we need to follow the below steps to create a custom plugin

1) First, we need to install the plugin named plugman. This will be a great asset in the creation of the custom plugin. Please type the following command to install the plugman.


npm -g install plugman


2) Now we are going to create our plugin with the plugman. To create your own package, you will need to type the following command.


plugman create --name <your_plugin_name> --plugin_id <your_plugin_package_id> --plugin_version <your_plugin_version>


3) Now we need to go to our recently created package.


cd <your_plugin_name>


4) Now we are going to do some native code and for that, we need to create separate code for android and iOS. To add a platform, you need to type the following command.


plugman platform add --platform_name <android/iOS>


5) Now we will do some native code. Go for native code in a recently created platform by following the command


(your_plugin_name/src/android/<your_plugin_name>.java) and write custom plugin logic in the native code/language


6) Now, after setting up the native code we need to convert it as the plugin supported for the nodejs. The most important thing in the node js plugins is to create a package.json so now we will create the package.json file for our plugin. Please type the following command for the creation of the package.json.


plugman createpackagejson ./<your_plugin_name>


After this, there will be some basic details asked related to your newly created plugin and you need to fill it up.


7) Now we install the plugin in our platform's current Cordova project.


plugman install --platform android --project <path to your app/platforms/android> --<path to your plugin>


8) Now we will go back to our application path and add our custom plugin as usually, we are adding other plugins.


ionic cordova plugin add <your_plugin_name>


Cordova wraps native code (for Android and iOS) in a JavaScript interface that serves as a bridge to our code. Using this bridge, we may create custom plugins that allow us to access native features by using native language code. We provide ionic app development services that will help businesses to grow. 
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