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ERP Trends For Business In 2021

erp trends
Why ERP implementations are important, and how this will help businesses in their day-to-day operations? First of all, let’s understand what ERP is. The full form of ERP is Enterprise resource planning, it provides seamless integration with business apps.
Many companies are using ERP to manage business operations effectively, the need for ERP is rising because it supports a broad range of functions and is able to handle business activities smoothly.

Why ERP?

ERP portal is able to manage business functions within a centralized and integrated system such as customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, accounting, inventory management, project management, financial management, manufacturing, billing, and purchasing. 
Odoo has an edge over other ERPs because it is cost-effective for small , medium and large enterprises, it also offers a wide range of applications which other ERP lacks. These functions help businesses to gain a competitive advantage and enable them to enhance business performance and profitability. Odoo ERP modules integrate with payment and external shipping such as Amazon, eBay, UPS, FedEx, and QuickBooks.

ERP trends

Buyers Move to the Cloud

There are numerous benefits of using cloud-based ERP, it doesn’t require a lot of hardware and small businesses can also go for cloud-based solutions. It requires less investment and the stored data will be secure.


Businesses are adopting cloud-based ERP to take advantage that includes various things such as:- 

  • Improved efficiency

Cloud computing gives high-speed data transfer and provides real-time insight made by the user.  
  • Lower running cost

Cloud-based ERP is flexible in nature, it doesn’t require any specific hardware so businesses can easily store their important data using the cloud ERP. 
  • Global reach

The ERP services can be easily accessed from anywhere globally, businesses can expand their operations from anywhere in the world. 
  • Data backup

Using the traditional ERP solution, the recovery of lost data is impossible but the user can recover any lost data with cloud ERP. The data is securely stored and can be recovered from backup storage. 

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation refers to ERP integration with digital technology to manage all the business functions to improve daily operations. This will boost revenue and enhance employee productivity and also improve customer satisfaction. 

Artificial Intelligence

ERP with artificial intelligence features enables businesses to automate complex business processes via intelligent data processing. The AI-powered ERP system and advanced analytics help to establish new improved operations. 
  • Reduce data loading. 
  • Decrease the chance of errors. 
  • Easily analyze complex structured data. 

Powerful Analytics

ERP is integrated with analytics, reporting, and data visualization to provide real-time data and information to the user. The analytics features help businesses in forecasting the upcoming demand and sales. The Odoo analytics can process both structured and unstructured data to deliver relevant information.


ERP is a platform that can be easily customized as per the requirement of the business and it provides competitive advantages over competitors. ERP helps businesses to grow more and it reduces duplication of work and manages the business operations effectively. The customized dashboard provides detailed information on the business activities. The implementation of ERP services helps businesses to transform digitally. 

Mobile ERP 

Mobile ERP is also known as Enterprise Resource Planning that allows the user to access through mobile devices, and tablets. The user only requires an internet connection to access ERP and manage the business operations efficiently. 

Low-Code and No-Code

ERP offers low-code and no-code ERP applications that allow the non-technical user to operate effectively.  


The trend of ERP implementation will change business operations and help to generate more ROI. ERP is the best solution for any kind of business and it includes all the necessary apps that are required to run business operations. We are an ERP development company and we deliver end-to-end ERP solutions.
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