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Expected features in Odoo 13

Odoo is an all-in-one business software including CRM, e-commerce, accounting, MRP, Project management, and inventory. It helps you to improve the quality and efficiency of your business.


The Odoo v13 is expected to be released during the Odoo experience which will be held on October 2019. There are different apps and functions which are enhanced during the release of any new version which maximizes business productivity for the users.


Here are the expected features of Odoo 13:

1) Odoo bank: Odoo will simplify loan procedure by intending to offer loans directly from Odoo to its customers. It is an easy way for the business to get cash on an immediate basis with less time.


2) Skill Management: A new module named “Skills Management” is added that will help the HR manager to manage employee skills, experience, skill level, education history, designation.


Skill Management Feature in Odoo 13


3) Mass editing: Mass editing is possible now on editable tree view for the selected records.


Mass Editing Feature in Odoo 13


4) Report configuration: A lot of options are provided in the report configuration compared to the past version.


Report Configuration in Odoo 13


5) Multi company: User can manage the company easily by a multi company widget.


Manage Multiple Company in Odoo 13


6) POS employees: An employee can easily connect in the POS session and can be switched to cashier. An Employee needs to scan their badge or enter a PIN to login into a POS session.


POS Employees Feature in Odoo 13


7) Ecommerce website:

a. “Buy Now” button on product view

b. Option to add product videos

c. New “Alipay” payment acquire is introduced


8) Modules moved from Community to Enterprise:

a) Payroll


9) Modules moved from Enterprise to Community:

a) Website Form Builder

b) Sales Coupon


10) Leave is renamed to TimeOff.


TimeOff in Odoo 13


11) The calendar view is improved.


Improve Calender View in Odoo 13


12) Pagination in list view: Pagination is added in the list view when there are lots of grouped items.


Pagination in List View in Odoo 13


13) Subcontracting, Mass SMS, Skills E-Learning modules are added in the latest version of Odoo.


14) Smart buttons view is improved in form view.


15) The website visitor is introduced in Odoo 13.

Website Visitor in Odoo 13


16) User can easily navigate to access rights, groups, record rules in from user’s form view.


User Form View

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