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How to process delivery order in 3 steps (pick+pack+ship feature)

In any shipping business, timely delivery of goods is very important. In Odoo when an order goes to the shipping department for final delivery, Odoo is set to one-step operation by default. There are many business scenarios where the company needs to use multiple delivery steps before product shipment to the customer. This requirement can be easily met in Odoo with just a few clicks of configuration.

In this blog, I will show you the configuration of the three-step delivery option (Pick + Pack + Ship). In the three-stage delivery method, the products are first transported to the packaging area, where the products are assembled based on the destination and then it gets delivered to the customers. Let's take a look at the necessary steps to use this feature:


Enable multi-step routes:


  • Go to Inventory > Configuration > Settings.
  • Enable the multi-step route under the warehouse label .



Configure the Warehouse with Pick + Pack + Ship option:


  • Go to Inventory > Configuration > Warehouse Management > Warehouses
  • Open the warehouses in which you want to enable the 3-step delivery process.
  • Click on 3rd option under “Outgoing shipments” as shown in the below screenshot:



Create a Sale Order and process delivery orders

Now create a sales order with some products and confirm that sales order. Once you confirm the sales order, three transfers will be made for pick, pack and ship locations.


Now, by clicking the "Valid" button, process all shipments one by one to deliver all goods to the customer.


Like the three-stage delivery method, we can also set a two-stage delivery method (pick + ship) by selecting the second option in the warehouse's "outgoing shipment". With this option, it will create two delivery orders (pick and ship) instead of three.

I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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