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Importance of ERP Software in Textile Industry

Importance of ERP Software in Textile Industry

The textile industry mostly deals with designing and manufacturing apparel, along with taking care of textile units. With the growing demand, manufacturing units are getting streamlined with the help of ERP software. They not only make the whole process easier but also aids out the complicated work taking place in the textile industry. Among all the options available in the market, we will discuss Odoo/Open ERP software. What makes it stand out from the list, and will cover its advantages.


Components of ERP Software

  • Planning - Card, Create Order, yarn, and design management.
  • Manufacturing - Grey production from yarn
  • Packaging- Gradation, checking, and order dispatch to clients.
  • Report - Report generation of module data.
  • Others - Automated email, PDF reports, Order tracking.

Advantages of implementing ERP Software


  • Feature wealthy acquisition modules ease the staff acquisition method from finding smart prospects until receiving product receipt.
  • Low value seasons will be benefited by coming up with procurement on a quarter, 0.5 -yearly, and annual basis.
  • Auto triggers commercial instruments that reduce acquisition intervals.

2. SMOOTH Producing

  • Lots of following supported size, color, style, quality, and variety.
  • Product value will be calculable that helps choose a higher rating.
  • The date of delivery will be calculable by investing in coming up with options within the module.
  • Multi-currency and multi-location support.
  • Better internal control with advanced functionalities.
  • Avoids problems like backlog and lack of products thereby reassuring bonded delivery of products.
  • Automatically generate money documents that mirror the particular timely money ledger company event.

How implementing Odoo ERP streamlines your manual process?

First, we will discuss exactly what Odoo is. With varied ERP solutions present in the market, choosing the right one is a tricky thing. For SMEs, the confusion goes around whether to go for a native one or cloud solutions. A cloud-facilitated ERP offers varied edges for SMEs compared to a traditional/ standard ERP that's hosted on a neighborhood server. One such important profit is that the ability and suppleness issue. A cloud-based ERP usually appears additional flexible and versatile aboard able to change towards a developing and systematically dynamical business advancement. Initial and support fees are a unit likewise a lot lower with a cloud-facilitated ERP arrangement as they're usually accounted inside license fees.


Soon once the choice settlement over the cloud-based ERP vs ancient ERP, succeeding tough half for business is to create alternative over Proprietary and Open supply ERP. However, it's tough for the business to create that call while not correcting data.


Odoo is an all-in-one management software that has many features and a wide range of business applications that forms a complete suite of enterprise management applications targeting companies of all sizes.

Functionalities of Odoo ERP software:

  • Purchase & Vendor Management
  • Material Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Finance and Accounts
  • HR/Payroll
  • Costing
  • Quality Management
  • Production Planning
  • Warehouse 
  • Production Management
  • Sales and Distribution
Warehouse Module

Warehouse Module of ERP Software for Textile Business


View Products in Warehouse Module in ERP Software for Textile Business


Design Details in Warehouse Module in ERP Software for Textile Industry


Warehouse Module for ERP Software for Textile Business


How implementing Odoo ERP helps you in bringing good ROI

Automate Manual Tasks


Thanks to Odoo, you'll bid so long for the manual information entry tasks. Get in-tuned with a reliable Odoo development company and its professionals can make a case for you the way the technology makes prolonged tasks easy and straightforward. With the assistance of it, you'll alter many tasks like management of sales orders, payroll pursuit, invoice preparation, monetary forecasts, and additional. By implementing Odoo ERP, you'll conjointly save the finances spent on hiring human resources and concentrate additional on increasing your business.


Multi-Channel Business Processes


For a corporation to figure swimmingly, it should apply a similar set of protocols, approaches, and solutions for the execution of essential functions. If not, the method will get quite cumbersome for those handling it. Using Odoo, it becomes the potential to execute multi-channel business processes with ease. It makes positive that business homeowners will maintain a clear method across all the functionalities. Also, there are hardly any probabilities of errors. If you have got necessities specific to your business, you'll continually get in-tuned with a corporation that gives Odoo customization services and that they can produce Associate in Nursing ERP of your alternative.

How Odoo/Open ERP is different from other ERPs available in the market

What makes it stand out from the list:

Feature for Odoo ERP



Choosing the right ERP solution helps you in streamlining your business cycle. We at Surekhatech, offer you all possible support for the Odoo ERP implementation along with customization. Kindly pass all your queries at [email protected].

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