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Liferay DXP for business transformation in the Automotive Industry

A successful automotive business involves numerous intricate aspects and operations, which makes it incredibly challenging for a company to track and manage everything efficiently without the aid of a reliable and robust Automotive Portal
Most successful automotive businesses rely on an all-in-one automotive portal that assists a company in managing everything from customer relationships to dealerships and e-commerce to employees.  
Liferay is considered one of the reliable portal solutions, offering features such as no-code/low-code development, e-commerce, personalization, process automation, user/data/content management, collaboration, and analytics.  
This blog focuses on how to leverage these extended features and functionalities of Liferay DXP to drive digital transformation in your automotive business.

Digital Experience Portals for Automotive Businesses

Most automotive businesses these days face multiple major challenges of lost leads, missed opportunities, inconsistent & generic digital experiences, communication & collaboration gaps, manual processes, and inefficient operations, due to the unavailability of robust portal or automotive software solutions
Liferay offers multiple portal solutions for your unique business needs and challenges that can help your business to drive profitability, operational efficiency, and digital transformation. Look at the following portal solutions offered by Liferay and choose the one you need the most.

Automotive Customer Portals


Offer exceptional customer service: Deliver a portal where your digital users can schedule/manage appointments, track/access vehicle records, view maintenance schedules, and receive personalized notifications. 
Self-service functionalities: 63% of customers prefer online services or calling service centers and over 55% of these users prefer troubleshooting or self-service (Source: Forbes). 
Liferay customer portals include easy-to-use self-service features, including 24*7 support, account management, knowledge bases, FAQs, live chats, call-back services, forums, reviews, and feedback that enable your users to self-serve instead of time-consuming calls and emails.  
Personalize digital journeys: Most customers don’t just want personalized experiences anymore, but they demand it. Liferay DXP improves and personalizes after-sales experience and lowers the cost-to-serve customers. 

Automotive Distributor & Supplier Portals



Enhance B2B collaboration: Liferay helps your automotive business establish a user-friendly platform for your vendors and suppliers, where they can access and manage inventory, pricing, orders, and marketing materials. 
Simplify communication & improve collaboration: Liferay supplier portals include multiple communication and collaboration tools, such as live chat, document & media sharing, workflows, and planning.   
Drive partner growth: By using Liferay partner portals, you can offer training materials, track performance, and boost productivity of your vendors and suppliers.
Automotive E-Commerce
Transform online sales: With robust functionalities of product catalogs, advanced search, order management, personalized recommendations, bulk ordering, real-time dashboards, and smart notifications, Liferay DXP simplifies and transforms B2C and B2B shopping experiences. 
Simplify order processing: Liferay digital commerce includes features like workflow automation, order management, invoices, flexible pricing structures, upselling, cross-selling, and API integration, that streamline order processing and enable your automotive business to thrive in the digital marketplace. 
Personalized shopping experience: 66% of consumers believe that brands must understand their individual needs (Source: Accenture). 
With features and functionalities like user-targeted recommendations, custom product catalogs according to preference, personalized promotions, individualized shopping cart reminders, and dynamic pricing based on user behavior, Liferay e-commerce portals are one of the most reliable and robust e-commerce platforms tailoring your customers’ online shopping experience.

Automotive Websites



Craft a compelling brand: Using Liferay websites, you can create a digital platform for your brand that showcases your vehicles, leading partners, dealerships, locations, and much more, with visually appealing layouts and easily customizable themes. 
Low-code-no-code website development: Liferay has been known for a long time now for its low-code/no-code development capabilities. 
Liferay websites enable your automotive business to launch elevating digital experiences effortlessly with features like quick site setup, drag-and-drop, robust content management system, global localization, multi-site development, data-driven insights, and A/B testing. 
Get competitive digital advantage: Using Liferay DXP websites, you can showcase inventory, schedule online appointments, create a virtual showroom with 360-degree vehicle views, offer vehicle comparison options, add customer testimonials & reviews, and make it user-friendly to gain a competitive advantage.

Automotive Intranet or Employee Portals 



Connect your workforce: With a centralized platform and tools for collaboration and communication among your employees in Liferay employee portals help your employees connect and stay informed no matter where they are. 
Empower your employees: Businesses can boost productivity at least up to 25% with effective employee management software (Source: McKinsey). Liferay empowers your employees by multiple features like real-time data, training resources, and performance dashboards to improve overall efficiency. 
Automate & optimize your operations: Liferay intranet portals enable you to automate internal business processes, simplify approvals, execute custom workflows, and reduce manual labor and administrative overheads. 


The complex landscape of the automotive industry makes profitability a real challenge without a robust automotive portal. Liferay DXP can be one of the reliable solutions for your business that offers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to diverse automotive needs, encompassing no-code/low-code development, e-commerce tools, personalization, process automation, and comprehensive analytics.  
If you're considering Liferay DXP for your automotive business, we, as an official Liferay Silver Partner, implement effective Liferay DXP solutions tailored to your unique business goals and challenges, helping you drive growth and improve ROI. 
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