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New Features in Odoo 14

odoo new features

Odoo is an all-in-one business software including CRM, e-commerce, accounting, MRP, Project management, and inventory. It helps you to skyrocket the standard and efficiency of your business. Odoo ERP is one of the most popular selling ERP software which is available as Enterprise(Paid) and Community(Free) versions. Implementing Odoo ERP software is a piece of cake compared to other software available within the market. Odoo being a web-based ERP which makes it easy to make available publicly for larger as well as medium organizations, It packs some of the most powerful module capabilities.

In this blog, I’m explaining the Odoo 14 new features and changes to existing features. It will help readers to easily understand the new features. If you are looking for any ERP software or Odoo’s latest version might just be what you need.

There are various functionalities and features added with the Odoo version 14 release which is as follows.

  1. Sales
    • Next Activity: Using the next activity will ease your workflow and will make it easier for larger teams. You can schedule the next activity for each order which allows for seamless transfer of tasks to team members.
    • Schedule activity: In the Schedule Activity you can add next activities like Email, Call, Meeting, Order Upsell, Reconciliation request, To Do, Reminder Upload Document, and set the due date, Summary, and assign a particular user for the next activity. And add the description. After that, you can click on the SCHEDULE button. Activity will be added.
    • Chat with other users from tree view: Now with the new version release, users would be able to communicate with other Salesperson directly from tree view by clicking the profile the chat menu will be open.
  2. Website: One of the best selling points for choosing Version 14 over any version of Odoo is the new website features. Easy to switch themes and beautiful snippets is all you need for your ecommerce shop.
    • Chart Snippet: In Odoo 14 there are some new snippet tools added and one of them is a Chart snippet. It would display your numerical or qualitative data in the chart forms on the website.
    • Timeline Snippet: In Odoo 14 you might be able to see a Timeline Snippet in the website module. In odoo 14 with the new widget on a website where user can view the countdown widget to showcase increase or manage their product sales/ traffic in the e-commerce business
    • Step snippet: In Odoo 14 you might be able to analyze the milestone step of Snippet on the website module.
    • Product List Item Snippet: In Odoo 14 you might be able to see a Product List snippet. With the help of the Product List snippet, you can easily list out all the products on the website.
    • Big Boxes Snippet: In Odoo 14 you might be able to see a Big Boxes Snippet in the website module.
  3. Purchase:
    • New Dashboard: In odoo the purchase module comes with an easy to use and informative dashboard which gives you all the information you need in a compact space. The individual purchase dashboard gives details of the purchase order, deadline, and other details. Besides, the user can view the status of the quotation and also, request a quote.
  4. Generic Features:
    • Data Cleaning: The data cleaning module is available in the enterprise edition. It allows you to create Duplication and Field cleaning rules. It allows easy removal of duplicate data.
    • Expense Dashboard: One of the new Odoo 14 features introduced in order to manage expenses. In the Expense dashboard you can see the Total Expenses, total reimbursed, next activity.
    • Profile Picture Chat button: Now you can click on any user profile picture in the tree view and a chat popup will appear with that particular user.
    • Price List Report: Odoo 14 provides you a feature to print the price list with a particular currency from multiple currencies. You can generate and print a price list report from a product list.
    • Two-factor Authentication: Two factors of authentication is a high-end security feature. The advanced two-factor authentication method helps Odoo 14 extend its security features to unimaginable heights. It helps a person to examine security details using two different factors. This will help customers with one more security level.
    • reCAPTCHA Option: In odoo 14 you can configure reCAPTCHA. This is a free service that protects your website from spam and abuse.
    • Create spreadsheets from the document: Use standard or custom templates for new spreadsheets (e.g. Monthly budget report, revenue analysis, sales commissions, etc.).
    • Record Rules and Access Rights Easily Accessible: Now you can easily access record rules and access rights from the shortcuts.

If you are looking out to implement any ERP software or Odoo’s latest version and would like an Odoo representative to contact regarding the project, Comment below, give us a call, or drop an email.

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