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Odoo Community vs. Enterprise- Choosing the Right Edition for Your Business

Odoo Community Vs Enterprise Edition

In this highly competitive era of business, choosing the right business management software for your organization can make all the difference. When it comes to enterprise resource planning (ERP), Odoo ERP stands out as one of the reliable solutions, considering its comprehensive features and functionalities.

However, Odoo offers two editions - Odoo Community (open-source) and Odoo Enterprise (licensed), and most companies struggle to choose an adequate solution for their businesses. The shoulder-to-shoulder comparison of features between Odoo Community vs. Enterprise editions will assist you in choosing the right business management software for your organization.

Odoo Community vs. Odoo Enterprise Edition

Odoo Community Edition is a free and open-source version of Odoo with fewer features and customization options. On the other hand, Odoo Enterprise is an upgraded version of Odoo with unlimited customization options, upgrades, corporate-level support, and robust security features.

  Odoo Community Version Odoo Enterprise Edition
Costs Free to use Premium subscription
Features Basic features Extensive range of features
Official Support No Support Limited Support
Licensing Free to modify and share User based Licensing
Version Updates Regular updates Regular updates and enhancements

Odoo Community Edition

Odoo Community Edition

Odoo Community Edition is free and open-source software released under the LGPLv3 license. It can be installed on desktops and modified accordingly to meet the needs of micro-enterprises and startups.

With no licensing costs, Odoo open-source edition offers various essential features for managing business-critical operations, such as inventory, manufacturing, eCommerce, HR, sales, accounting, and more. However, it has some drawbacks when compared to Odoo Enterprise, such as limited functional support, no version upgrades or hosting help, and no support for mobile versions and studio apps.

Odoo Enterprise Edition

Odoo Enterprise Edition

Unlike the free and open-source Community Edition, Odoo Enterprise Edition requires licensing fees, and it is developed and maintained by Odoo S.A. Odoo Licensed Version can be installed for desktop as well as mobile usage for medium to large enterprises.

Odoo Enterprise Version offers an extensive set of advanced features beyond the basics, such as advanced inventory management, marketing automation, payrolls, appreciation, field service management, and much more. Unlike the community edition, it offers a higher level of features and functionalities, making it well-suited for organizations with more extensive requirements.

Odoo Community & Enterprise Edition - Features & Functionalities Comparision

Category Features & Funactionalities Community Edition Enteprise Edition
General Unlimited Functional support NO YES
Version Upgrades NO YES
Hosting NO YES
User Interface Desktop - Web Browser YES YES
Mobile - Android and iOS NO YES
Finance Comprehensive Accounting NO YES
Invoices YES YES
Expense YES YES
Payroll NO YES
Documents NO YES
E-sign NO YES
POS - Point of Sales YES YES
Subscriptions NO YES
Rental NO YES
Amazon Connector NO YES
Website Builder Website YES YES
eCommerce YES YES
Shipping Connectors NO YES
Amazon Connector NO YES
eBay Connector NO YES
Live Chat YES YES
eLearning YES YES
Inventory & Manufacturing Inventory YES YES
Barcodes NO YES
Manufacturing YES YES
Material Requirements Planning (MRP) YES YES
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) NO YES
Purchase YES YES
Maintenance YES YES
Quality NO YES
Human Resources Employees YES YES
Recruitment YES YES
Payroll NO YES
Leaves YES YES
Employee Referrals NO YES
Appraisals NO YES
Fleet NO YES
Marketing Social Marketing NO YES
Email Marketing YES YES
Email Marketing Templates NO YES
SMS Marketing YES YES
Events YES YES
Marketing Automation NO YES
Survey YES YES
Employees & Services Projects YES YES
Timesheets YES YES
Timesheet- Grid View, timer, reminders NO YES
Mobile App- Awesome Timesheets NO YES
Field Services NO YES
Helpsedk NO YES
Planning NO YES
Appointment NO YES
Teams & Productivity Discussion YES YES
Approvals NO YES
Calender YES YES
VoIP Integration Options NO YES
Studio & Customization Screen Customization NO YES
Report Designer NO YES
Menus Editor NO YES
Apps Creator NO YES

Choosing the right edition for your business between Odoo community and Enterprise

The choice between Odoo Community and Enterprise edition ultimately depends on the specific needs and constraints of your business. Here are some considerations that can help you decide the adequate edition for your business:

Odoo Community vs Enterprise Feature Comparison

1. Budget

If your organization has limited funds and can manage without some of the advanced features, Odoo Community might be the right edition for your business to start with. Keep in mind that as your business grows, you should probably consider upgrading to Odoo Enterprise.

2. Operation Complexities

If your business processes are relatively complex and need extensive customization, Odoo Enterprise Edition can provide the necessary tools to streamline your operations.

3. Support and Scalability

For larger enterprises with composite requirements, Odoo Enterprise's official support and enhanced scalability make it a more suitable option. The cost of licensing is also affordable considering the benefits in terms of reliability and performance.

4. Future Growth

Before choosing the right edition for your business you should consider long-term business goals. If you anticipate significant growth and expansion, investing in Odoo Enterprise from the outset can provide a solid foundation for scaling your operations.



Hopefully, the blog above has helped you clarify the key differences between Odoo Community vs Enterprise Editions. When it comes to selecting the right Odoo version for your business, it's crucial to thoroughly assess your specific needs, budget, and future growth plans. Both Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise editions offer valuable features that can optimize your business processes and enhance operational efficiency.

Regardless of the edition you choose, either the open-source community version or the premium enterprise version, having reliable support is essential. As an official Odoo Silver Partner, we specialize in assisting businesses with Odoo Development Services, achieving digital transformation, and driving growth. For any further assistance or queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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