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POS Loyalty Program and Rewards

POS Loyalty Program and Rewards

For every well-established business, customer satisfaction matters the most to build a strong relationship.

An attractive way to catch and keep customers in touch is to provide discounts, several rewards, or gifts for their loyalty. This will help to keep customers in one place and motivate them to revisit again.

The POS loyalty and coupon redeem programs are proven to attract customers who return to your business again and again and also provides the benefits of building strong relationships.

If you are looking to build a loyal customer base, want repeat visits from your customers, here is the easiest way to achieve all these things just by using the loyalty and coupon redeem program in POS Odoo.

POS Loyalty Program

The loyalty program is a reward program offered by the company to the customers who frequently make purchases. POS loyalty program provides various rewards and discount offers to loyal customers.

Point of Sale provides several features that help a business to efficiently manage their customers and keep them in touch.

With the help of Point of Sale systems, business owners can effectively manage several loyalty programs based on different criteria at their place of business. It is configured easily as per the business requirement.

As many numbers of Rules and Rewards can be configured under the loyalty program for different products or product categories as shown below:



On the purchase of products by the customer we can select any Reward configured in the loyalty program to give a loyalty reward to the customer.

Eligibility defines as if the customer has enough points that fulfill the requirements to achieve rewards then only they can get rewards.

Configure POS Loyalty Program
POS Coupon Redeems

This is another approach where you can offer discounts, vouchers, or rewards to your customers which makes them feel special. Moreover, customers always have excitement for coupon redemption which takes them to revisit the shop.

Therefore here comes the role of Odoo POS Coupon Redeems, this module allows you to create various redeem coupons for the customers and use them at the time of product purchase.

Like the loyalty program, the POS Coupon Redeem program can also be easily configured in Odoo as per the business requirement.

Here a Gift Coupon has been created under the coupon redeem program for a 10 % discount on the purchase few products as shown below:

Create Gift Coupon in POS Loyalty Program


We can also send any coupon to our customers via mail to acknowledge them about gifts, discounts, any offers, etc.

We can use as many redeem coupons on the purchase of the product for the customers.

For instance, here customer name Azure Interior is selected for Gift coupon redemption and then the discount will apply on the purchase respectively as shown below:

Enter Gift Coupon


These are the small steps that a business should take to improve their relationship with the customers and also it can flourish their business.

I hope you found this information helpful. Take a look at our modules Pos Loyalty Program and Pos Coupon Redeem on the Odoo marketplace. If you have any questions, ask in the comments. If you need help with other services, please check out our services.

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