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Preview the expected features of Odoo 17

Expected features of Odoo 17

Odoo consistently releases an annual update for its suite of business applications. The last release, Odoo 16, became available on October 12, 2022, during Odoo Experience 2022. Odoo V16 brought an array of fresh features, enhancing UI/UX and various modules, including accounting, marketing, MRP, website, and more.  

In 2023, Odoo is all set to launch its latest version, Odoo 17, at Odoo Experience 2023 in Brussels, Belgium. Check out the highlights of expected features of Odoo 17 that aimed at boosting user experience and overall productivity.

Expected Features of Odoo 17

Enhanced user interface & user experience (UI/UX)

Enhanced user interface & user experience (UI/UX) in Odoo 17 features

Odoo 17 is set to feature a modern and intuitive interface, making it easier for users to navigate and access various modules and features. It aims to improve the overall user experience, enhance usability, and ensure seamless interaction within the platform.

Dark Mode

Expected features in Odoo 17- Dark Mode

The much-awaited Dark Mode feature will finally be available in Odoo 17, providing users with an appealing alternative interface. By opting for Dark Mode, users can have a visually comfortable experience with a darker color scheme, perfect for low-light environments. 

Advanced & unified search view

Advanced & unified search view in Odoo 17

Odoo 17 introduces the much-anticipated advanced search view, allowing users to effortlessly find specific records by applying multiple filters at once. Additionally, the additional submenus "groups" and "favorites" will enhance the convenience of searching for specific products. 

Odoo catalogue feature update

Odoo 17 catalogue feature update

In Odoo 17, a new and convenient way of adding products directly from the catalogue (kanban) view to sales orders will be available. With the catalog feature, users can not only add quotations and sales orders directly but also choose products, modify quantities, and customize sales orders in real-time. 

Advanced operations menu in Inventory Management

Advanced operations menu in Inventory Management in Odoo 17

Odoo's latest version might introduce a significant feature update in the "Inventory > Operations" section, where a separate menu is now available for each operation type. The lot tracking in inventory management is also improved with the addition of property fields. These fields store and display additional information for each lot, enabling better tracking and inventory management. 

Shortcuts to access Odoo PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

Shortcuts to access Odoo PWA (Progressive Web Apps) in expected features in Odoo 17

As the usage of Odoo ERP on smartphones continues to grow, Odoo 17 is anticipated to incorporate and provide quick access via shortcuts to progressive web apps (PWA). Odoo's latest version is expected to offer a feature that allows users to create shortcuts to PWA on their smartphones, enabling quick access to significant apps and improving the user experience. 

Streamlined E-signs & automatic reminders

Streamlined E-signs & automatic reminders in Odoo 17

Stay updated for e-signs and documents awaiting your signature with Odoo 17's new reminder feature in the Sign module. You will receive reminders for pending signatures, ensuring you never miss an important signature request. This convenient feature works for both internal and external users. 

Comprehensive information in Odoo Point of Sale (PoS)

In the latest version of Odoo 17, PoS users can add customer information by clicking on a button that connects them to the customer's backend info. Additionally, a Kitchen Screen is introduced with an impressive array of features, offering a real-time feed without the need for reloading, customizable stages, and quick filters for efficient order management.  

This enhancement enhances the customer experience by enabling self-service ordering through tablets or mobile phones. Customers can effortlessly place orders themselves by scanning a QR code, with easy and convenient payment options. 

Advanced POS module in expected features of Odoo 17

5-digit unique code on PoS receipts

Moreover, a new feature of Odoo 17, a 5-digit code printed on the POS receipt, enables users to request the invoice via an online platform directly. This feature streamlines the process of receiving invoices, providing a better user experience and empowering customers with self-service functionalities. 

Print Resumes in the Employee module

Print Resumes in the Odoo 17 Employee module

Odoo 17 brings a new feature to the Employee module that enables employees to print resumes effortlessly. It automatically accesses an employee's profile or details and generates a resume. 

Select multiple records/rows with a single click in Odoo 17

Select multiple records/rows with a single click in Odoo 17

Odoo 17 is expected to bring multiple updates considering the enhancement of the user interface, and selecting multiple records in one click is one of them. Users can now select multiple records with a single click. To add, use "Shift + Upper Arrow" buttons, and to deselect, use "Shift + Down Arrow." 

Present company hierarchy & organizational structures

Present company hierarchy & organizational structures in Odoo 17

The new version of Odoo offers support for organizational structure charts, allowing users to represent the company hierarchy within the organization. Odoo 17 might also introduce organizational charts, visual representations, and employee positions. This improvement fosters clearer understanding and collaboration within the organization by providing an easy-to-interpret company hierarchy and structure.

Freeze List and Kanban columns headers

Freeze list and Kanban columns headers in Odoo 17

In the expected features of Odoo 17, users might be allowed to freeze list and kanban column headers. Earlier, when scrolling to access more data, the list and column headers would disappear, causing some inconvenience to users. However, Odoo 17 might introduce the option to freeze the list and kanban column headers, even when scrolled, making it easier to access the list and improving the overall user experience.

Wrap Up

Odoo will continue to empower organizations by offering user-friendly features and functionalities that aim to improve user experience and enhance overall productivity. As an official Odoo Partner, we boast the experience and expertise you need for the Odoo ERP Development Services. If you're considering migrating to Odoo ERP, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help! 

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