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What is an Enterprise Portal and How Digital Transformation can be Achieved Through It

Enterprise portal solution
If you’re just beginning to consider implementing enterprise portals in your business, your first question is likely how an enterprise portal can benefit your business.
Well, for over 20 years, businesses have claimed to benefit from an enterprise portal to streamline operations and improve collaboration. Fortune 500 organizations to small companies in a neighborhood use enterprise portals. You might wonder- why?
So, what do you think- What is an enterprise portal, and do you think it can benefit businesses? Let’s find out and understand the concept of Enterprise Portal Solutions together. By the end of this article, you can choose a suitable enterprise portal for your business. So, let’s dive in.

What is an Enterprise Portal?  

An Enterprise Portal is a web-based platform or software that integrates information, operations, and employees. Enterprise portals serve as a central hub for all business-related activities. It also offers users access to various systems, services, and information.
Enterprise portal development provides a personalized and customizable experience to its users. Single Sign-On (SSO) and integrated navigation between various systems make it reliable for businesses.
Institutes use enterprise portals to integrate data, improve productivity, and collaboration. Enterprise portals offer access to multiple applications on a single platform. Quick access to relevant information, applications, and services makes it easier for employees to perform effectively.
Let’s understand this concept of enterprise portals in depth with an example. Distinct departments, various employees, and management teams can perform the following example tasks with enterprise software effortlessly and effectively.
  • Employees can access their benefits, and HR policies. Also, they can stay updated with the current occurrences.
  • The workforce can manage their tasks, update direct managers, request leaves, fill up timesheets, update contact info, and share documents internally.
  • HR teams can update policies, post updates, and share processes with the staff.
  • Team leaders can view their respective divisions, approve requests, check employee performances, and update the management.
  • Customers can stay updated with the company using financial reports, newsletters, future events, and much more.

There are several other functions and features covered under the single umbrella of enterprise portals.


3 Best enterprise portal solutions for your business

  • Liferay- Digital Experience Platform

DXP is one of the most suitable ways to offer a personalized experience to users with websites, intranets, extranets, self-service portals, and customer platforms.
Liferay DXP portals, such as Intranet, customer portals, e-Commerce, and others, help organizations manage content and operations efficiently. Furthermore, Liferay delivers a personalized experience to its users. 
  • Adobe- Experience Manager

Adobe offers an extensive suite of applications for content management systems and digital asset management.
AEM offers business-critical tools, such as Digital Enrollment and Forms, Cloud services, Learning Manager, and Digital Guides that help businesses to get a competitive advantage in this highly competitive era of the corporate.
  • Microsoft- SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint allows businesses to share and manage content and information effectively. Its apps help with seamless employee collaboration and instant access to the database.
Organizations can have a digital advantage using SharePoint, which can result in enhanced productivity, integrated source of information, well-engaged employees, and quick sharing of a database.
According to G2, Liferay DXP is one of the best enterprise portal solutions. More than 1,200 recognized organizations worldwide trust Liferay Digital Experience Platform solutions to manage their businesses.
We would highly recommend Liferay DXP as your enterprise portal for streamlined operations, improved collaboration, and improved productivity in your business.
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Commonly used Enterprise Portals in Business

Various types of enterprise portals are there, from which an organization can choose the most suitable one for their business. Each of these enterprise portals has a specific function and features. Organizations usually develop the enterprise portal for their unique business needs first and then customize it accordingly.
  • Customer Self-Service Portals

    Businesses can build a secure customer portal, personalized to their customers that offers relevant content, recommendations, navigation, tailored search results, a knowledge base, and user forums.

    With multiple features in self-service portals, customers can easily self-serve without needing assistance. Such conveniences in quick services, instead of the complexities of waiting for calls and raising tickets, increase user satisfaction.

  • e-Commerce Portals

    For e-commerce businesses, their shopping portal is the primary way to connect to the end-users. These portals allow businesses to create an online store for their products and/or services.

    The easy-to-navigate option enables customers to engage better and have a seamless buying experience. Businesses can grow revenue, offer enhanced shopping experiences, manage orders effortlessly, and reduce cost-to-serve with a smart e-Commerce portal.

  • Supplier Portals

    Supplier Portal is a platform that enables organizations to collaborate with their suppliers and vendors.

    Businesses can simplify purchasing, support dealers & traders, and improve profitability with an integrated digital marketplace. It also makes it easy for the institutes to track orders and inventory and manage their supply chain efficiently.

  • Partner Portals

    Partner portals create a hub for collaboration between businesses and their partners and associates. A centralized hub can be profitable for both- the organization and its partners.

    A partner portal empowers B2B engagement and enables agents to bring business on behalf of an organization.

  • External Portals

    With an External portal, organizations can share business information, feeds, financial reports, events, and newsletters.

    An external portal is a collaborative way to engage with your customers, stakeholders, and investors. By enabling users to stay updated with company occurrences and interests, these portals can help organizations stay connected with their audience.

  • Modern Intranet Portals

    Intranet portals enable employees in an organization to access assets and company resources effortlessly.

    With easy access, employees can stay connected and updated with the current happenings within an organization. An intranet portal solution is suitable for businesses to improve employee collaboration, productivity, and work efficiency.

Key Features of an Enterprise Portal 

Integration and presentation are two primary functions of Enterprise portals. Other than integrated data, several additional features make EIPs reliable and scalable.  The following are some of the key features of enterprise portal solutions.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Integration
  • Customization
  • Personalization
  • Access Control
  • Privacy-protected
  • Online Forms
  • Social features
  • Omni channel usage
  • In-built analytics

Benefits of Enterprise Portals for Businesses

  1. Integrated data and universal access
  2. Cost Saving & Timesaving 
  3. Maximum Data Security 
  4. Enhanced Employee Productivity 
  5. Effective Collaboration among Employees  
  6. Increased Return on Investments (ROI) 
  7. Improved Customer Service


The complexity of business operations has led to a growing demand for enterprise portals within organizations. Enterprise Portal Development includes multiple tools and features in one stop, which can benefit businesses in multiple directions. 
Businesses can streamline operations, improve collaboration, and achieve digital transformation using Liferay solutions. Do you think now the enterprise portal is a requirement for your business?

We can develop a customized enterprise portal to meet your unique business needs and challenges within your budget and timeframe. Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us work together to achieve your digital transformation goals.
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