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Why React Native App Development Framework for Your Next Project

react native app development
In the modern digital world, business requires a platform that allows creating faster apps with a better mobile experience. There are so many mobile app development frameworks available and react native is one of them.   
React naive framework is a very popular framework used by many developers to create dynamic web and mobile apps. It was introduced by Facebook in 2015 and works effectively on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS

Why choose cross-platform app development?

React Native is a cross-platform app development framework that has many advantages of using it which can benefits the businesses in many ways such as:- 

Community support 

GitHub React Native has more than 90k stars and Facebook has a platform where developers can share information regarding the best practices.

Easy maintenance 

React Native is a cross-platform app framework platform that reduces the coding and creates a single integrated codebase and maintains it accordingly.

Top 7 features to go with React Native for Mobile App development

Faster App Development

React Native framework that allows to create faster app development and save time in developing mobile apps. In React Native app development, the same code can be deployed for both iOS and Android platforms that cut down the development period and reduce cost and save time. 

Function like native apps

The codes are similar with REACT for Android and iOS that allows the user to create faster app development with great performance. React Native is capable of fulfilling all the requirements for mobile gadgets.

Quality Mobile Apps

The react Native framework allows the user to create dynamic and upgrade the digital experience of the users. It provides a smooth and responsive user interface that reduces reload time. Mobile application development becomes easier with the React Native framework.

Cross-platform mobile app development

Cross-platform means the development of an app for two platforms at the same time on Android and iOS.  It gives the same performance result without any further changes and developers with JavaScript knowledge can use React Native to create mobile apps. 

3rd Party Plugin

React Native supports 3rd party plugins to develop mobile apps and this help developer to create an application with various functions using libraries,  

Hot and Live Reloading

This feature helps the developers at the time of coding and when the code changes in real-time while the application is loading, it will automatically reload after the changes made by the developer. 

Reusability of Code 

The best thing about React Native is that you can develop mobile apps for both Android and iOS using a single code with minor changes. Businesses don’t require two different development teams for developing the same application for another platform.


After reading all the features that React Native provides, we can say that React Native is the best for mobile app development. Surekha Technologies is React Native app development company that provides complete solutions for all businesses.
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