Developing a Liferay Intranet Portal for Government Educational Employees to enhance Communication & Collaboration

Detailed insights

About Customer

Our customer is a prominent government entity. Their objective was to initiate an educational program enhancing ongoing learning and self-development within the emirate, using scholarships, specialized centers, and comprehensive training initiatives.

Seeking an effective solution for collaboration, they aimed to implement an intranet portal offering seamless communication among employees, education providers, and practitioners. The objective was to cultivate a platform that nurtures skill development and collective growth.

Number of Employees : 4,000+

Business Needs & Challenges

  • Requirement for an Intranet Portal: They aim to establish an intranet platform that facilitates group communication and collaboration among employees, education providers, and related members.
  • Communication and collaboration gap: The absence of a reliable portal poses a significant challenge, creating a collaboration gap among various departments, schools, and stakeholders.
  • Limited resources: The limited opportunities for training, career growth, and skill development were slowing down employee advancement and motivation.
  • Embracing technological advancements: The lack of advanced technology integration within the educational curriculum was also a primary challenge in developing personal and professional skills among government employees.


Our primary focus for the government entity was to develop a customized web portal integrating interactive tools for communication and collaboration, creating professional development opportunities for employees.


By deeply engaging stakeholders, we identified key communication and collaboration needs. Utilizing our Liferay expertise, we suggested an intranet portal solution along with anticipated impacts and development roadmap.


By prioritizing intuitive navigation, designing mobile-friendly layouts, and including accessibility features, we crafted the UI/UX of an intranet portal with the aim of surpassing client expectations and enhancing the employee experience.


Integrating SSO, communication, and collaboration tools, our experts developed a Liferay Intranet Portal tailored to the client's custom needs. Our agile development processes ensured continuous feedback and rapid iteration for evolving needs.


After extensive QA testing and ensuring smooth user adoption, we launched the Liferay Intranet Portal onto their servers using phased rollouts, providing continuous support to ensure optimal performance and adaptability of the solution.

key features

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • LinkedIn & Coursera Integration
  • Third Party API Integration
  • Advanced User Management
  • Personalized Content Recommendations
  • User-behavior tracking
  • Customizable Liferay DXP themes
  • Multilingual support
  • Advanced Search Functionalities
  • High availability of Server

Technology Stack & Tools

  • Liferay


  • React


  • Docker


  • Kubernetes


  • Elasticsearch


  • Rancher


  • Rest APIs

    Rest APIs

  • MS SQL

    MS SQL