Multi-Site Development with Liferay DXP for an Insurance & Finance Firm

Detailed insights

About Customer

A multi-line insurance and financial services organization that offers a wide range of insurance, pensions, and investment products. They have been in the insurance and finance business since the late 1940s and currently operate with 350 employees across 6 countries in North America and Europe.

Our customer is committed to driving digital transformation in the company by connecting all the websites through one server, making it easier than ever for their customers to access information and manage their accounts.

Number of Employees : 350+

Business Needs & Challenges

  • Higher operational costs: Managing a multi-line business with distinct websites, around 15 different websites, hosted on separate servers posed a major challenge for our client- extremely high operational costs.
  • Higher dependency on developers: Our client heavily relied on developers for even routine updates and changes to their websites hosted on disparate servers. Additionally, managing their legacy systems was intricate due to manual, time-consuming tasks and a lack of automation.
  • Lack of reliable content management system: The finance institution's unreliable CMS damaged the brand reputation and resulted in poor customer experience through inconsistencies, manual updates, and disruptive downtime.
  • Inability to personalize regional needs: Without a central DXP platform, the finance company struggled to cater messaging and content for its customers in 6 distinct countries, leading to irrelevant and generic customer experiences.


To overcome the client's challenges of higher server costs, developer dependency, and inconsistent CMS, we focused on developing and implementing a modern low-code-no-code portal.


Through open communication with stakeholders, we uncovered critical business needs and proposed implementing a modern and easy-to-use portal with a roadmap outlining the anticipated benefits and development timeline.


To design 15 distinct websites with different businesses and focus-areas, we designed UI/UX of the complete architecture with intuitive navigations, mobile-friendly layouts, visually appealing interfaces for the best user experience.


By integrating a robust CMS, reliable cloud, and automating tasks, we developed a modern low-code-no-code portal with virtual instances for hosting different websites with distinct users on the same server or infrastructure.


Following extensive QA testing with ensuring smooth user adoption and minimizing migration risks, we implemented a phased rollout into their infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and adaptability of the solution we offered.

key features

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Content management
  • User access management
  • Inquiry management
  • Seamless data collections
  • Customizable DXP themes & stylebook
  • Content accessibility security measures
  • User-friendly interface

Technology Stack & Tools

  • JavaScript


  • Bootstrap


  • ReactJS


  • Liferay Cloud

    Liferay Cloud

  • Restful API

    Restful API