Increasing quotations by 200% for a US-based real estate company with
Liferay E-commerce

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About Customer

For nearly a century in the business, with over 30 outlets and 1,000 skilled employees, our client has been a cornerstone of the American real estate landscape. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality materials for steel buildings and residential metal roofing, the client has helped countless families and businesses achieve their dream homes and infrastructures.

Recognizing the evolving needs of their customers in this digital era, the client is willing to start a new journey by launching an e-commerce website that enhances their customer experience and simplifies the complex flow of purchase.

Number of Employees : 1,000+

Business Needs & Challenges

  • Complex flow of online purchase: Buying building materials online isn't as straightforward as your average shopping experience. For our client, it was even more challenging due to confusing requirements, complex dimensions, and installation intricacies. As a result, many of their customers experienced frustration and ultimately abandoned their carts.
  • The lack of personalized digital experience: In the crowded digital landscape, the lack of personalized experiences and tailored recommendations blocked the real estate business's ability to engage interactively with their customers. This lack of personalized services led to missed opportunities and lost sales within their online platform.
  • Extremely lengthy and non-digitized sales processes: The building material manufacturer and retailer encountered significant challenges due to its extensive and non-digitized sales processes. Lengthy and manual procedures undermined their efficiency, posing challenges for customers to navigate through intricate steps, resulting in delays in decision-making and purchase finalization.


To effectively meet the client's needs and demands, our primary focus centered on developing an ecommerce platform that not only addresses customer experience challenges, but improves sales as well, contributing to overall business growth.


Upon comprehensively understanding the challenges and needs of the real-estate company, we devised a development roadmap and thoroughly communicated the expected impacts of our proposed solution to ensure alignment with the client's expectations.


We conceptualized the architecture and designed the UI/UX for an ecommerce portal. Our team developed templates, layouts, color schemes, and typography specifically tailored for the ecommerce platform, all aimed at transforming CX and simplifying the sales flow.


Utilizing Liferay Portal solutions, we developed an ecommerce portal centered around user experience. Our Liferay experts implemented backend logic and APIs for seamless data collection. We enhanced their website by developing a well-managed product catalog.


Post rigorous QA testing, we unveiled a user-centric ecommerce portal to guarantee an unparalleled digital experience. Additionally, we established and configured essential servers and databases to optimize the functionality of the developed ecommerce portal solution.

key features

  • 3D product view
  • Catalog management
  • Advanced Search Functionalities
  • Campaign management
  • Inquiry management
  • Sales & Analytics
  • Store locator
  • Employee Management

Technology Stack & Tools

  • Liferay


  • React


  • Elasticsearch


  • Three.js