DMS & Liferay Intranet Portal Development for the Governmental Body

Detailed insights

About Customer

Our client is a governmental entity in Nigeria, responsible for the formulation, implementation, and monitoring of policies in the areas of public works, housing, and other infrastructure development. The entity plays a diverse and crucial role in the planning, construction, and maintenance of public infrastructure across Nigeria.

To improve the convenience and efficiency of land-related tasks for Nigerian residents, the governmental body wanted to implement an Intranet Portal and a Document Management System (DMS).

Number of Employees : 300+

Business Needs & Challenges

  • Transparency & Accountability: The client lacked transparency and accountability in land documentation processes which led to potential cases of fraud, disputes, and inefficiencies.
  • Bureaucracy & Delays: The manual and paper-based processes for land documentation caused bureaucratic challenges and delays to obtain land titles and related documents, which impacted overall efficiency and productivity.
  • The absence of DMS: Inadequate management of land records and documentation resulted in land ownership disputes and legal complexities that affected land tenure securities and investment.
  • Time-consuming workflow of approvals: One of the major challenges they faced was the lengthy workflow with 26 levels of approval, which resulted in significant delays in land-related tasks. These delays impacted efficiency and restrained timely processing of land documentation and approvals.


Our aim was to deliver a solution to the client that can streamline extensive approval workflows, reduce manual tasks, minimize paper usage, and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of land-related processes for the benefit of Nigerian residents.


Our in-depth discussions with stakeholders helped us to understand their specific requirements. We provided recommendations on using Liferay to ensure a tailored solution and its anticipated outcomes.


We crafted an intuitive and efficient user interface, tailored to different user roles and permissions. We also designed flexible workflows in Liferay to accommodate the complexity of the approval hierarchy.


We implemented the Liferay intranet portal and DMS to ensure smooth management of users, roles, and documents and configure workflows to manage the extensive approval hierarchy with precision.


Following QA testing and bug fixes, we deployed the DMS and an intranet portal onto the client's infrastructure. Furthermore, we provided post-deployment training and services for effortless user adoption.

key features

  • User registration & authentication
  • User access management
  • Document Management
  • Data Management
  • Payment gateways
  • Highly scalable platform
  • Advanced search functionalities
  • Third Party API Integration

Technology Stack & Tools

  • Liferay


  • React


  • MySQL


  • Elasticsearch


  • Restful API

    Restful API